Top Posts And Commenters For June 2015

Today marks the halfway point of the year. Looking back, it amazes me how quickly the year flies by and how we can get lost in the day to day tasks of our lives.

I hope you’re not there but, if you are, you can still make a difference this year. Shift your focus and begin working on your goals and dreams. You can make it a killer year!

Most used words in June 2015

Like all new months, I like to take the time to reflect on the status of the blog and what’s been happening in my life. So, here we go with June’s review.

Top Posts

1. 20 Encouraging Bible Verses For Young Leaders

2. 22 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Jurassic World

3. 17 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Pixar’s Inside Out

4. 40 Leadership Lessons From Netflix’s Daredevil

5. 16 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Big Hero 6

6. 14 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Mad Max: Fury Road

7. 12 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Furious 7 (Fast And Furious 7)

8. The Habits Of Successful People Vs Unsuccessful People

9. 15 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Unbroken

10. 21 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From X-Men: Days Of Future Past

It’s amazing to see 80% of the top 10 list is made up of leadership lessons from movies and TV shows based on comic books. Whenever I cover a newly released movie on the blog, the site goes crazy.

Am I right in thinking you guys love these posts? Share your thoughts on this in the comment section.

Top Commenters

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to comment on the blog this month. As always, your thoughts and interactions are always enjoyed and welcomed on the site.

Without you, it’s hard to gauge what your thoughts are on the content. Keep the comments coming!

Blog Statistics

Sessions – Increased 6.94%

Users – Increased 6.05%

Pageviews – Increased 8.43%

Pages Per Session – Increased 1.39%

Average Session Duration – Increased 3.21%

Bounce Rate – Decreased 0.08%

New Sessions – Decreased 1.09%

Last month, we saw a decrease in nearly every category I track. This month, every statistic rose except for one.

Blog News

I’m continuing to work on a new book. This book is geared towards new church planters and will help them avoid the failures many people planting churches face. It’s exciting to see the project come together.

There’s still time to help me with it as well. I’m looking for church planters who want to answer one question on the topic of starting a new church. If you are a church planter or know of someone who would be willing to answer the question, please let me know!

And after Tony Paulus’ guest post, I’ve opened up slots for coaching students. If you’re looking to expand your reach in church ministry, let’s connect and see what we can do together. Shoot me a message at [email protected] to discuss coaching packages.

Question: How was your month? If you’re a blogger, share your most popular post. If you’re not, share your favorite post from a blogger you follow.

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