Why God Will Never Fulfill Your Dreams

Once upon a boy, Jack, wanted to win a million dollars from the lottery. He prayed every day for that God will help him to win the million.

So as time went by, the boy grew up and got old, but he still didn’t win the million. But he didn’t stop believing in God. In the end, he died and never won the million.

When he arrived in Heaven, he asked God: God, why I have never won the million in the lottery? I was praying every day and everything I wanted you was to win that stupid million. So, I’m asking you why?”

And God told him: How could I help you win the million when you never bought a ticket? Every day on the way to your boring job, I sent you a seller with tickets, you often saw in TV a man who won the lottery. But you didn’t take action.”

What are you asking God for in your prayers?

Fulfilling dreams, solving problems or to help someone?

How often do you pray? I bet many times.

And why is God still not fulfilling your dreams?

Lots of people think that when they wish something, they will also receive it.

They live by Jesus’ saying: “Ask and you shall receive.”

I must disappoint you. It doesn’t work this way.

God will not give you a million into your bank account overnight or solve your problems with a wife.

Not even later. He, himself, will never do it. He doesn’t even want to give it to us so easily.

So how is He doing that He answers prayers of some people?

Opportunities, not goals

God offers us opportunities to reach our vision, our dreams, and goals.

He is testing us. He causes us problems that we must overcome in order to be stronger and closer to our dreams.

Everything that matters is whether we take action or just continue praying.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you to stop praying.

What I want you is to use God’s helping hand and start positively looking at all obstacles and opportunities around you that God has prepared for you.

And why is that? Why doesn’t God want us to achieve goals without effort?

5 reasons why God doesn’t want us to fulfill dreams without effort

  1. He wants us to fight for our dreams and goals – and thank Him for the reason that we are in this world. Everyone is here for a reason. And everyone has their own dreams and visions. And our responsibility is to follow these dreams and thank God that he gave them us.
  2. He wants us to stay humble even when we’re successful – he doesn’t want us to become egoistic and lofty people. We have to be aware of our weaknesses even if we’re successful or wealthy. Nobody is perfect.
  3. He doesn’t want us to exalt over others(less successful people) – do you know those lofty rich people who despise other people that have a lower value in their eyes? Most of the times, they are those who have achieved success very easily.

As J.K. Rowling wrote:

f you want to know what a man’s like, look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals.

  1. He wants us to appreciate our own successes – to not think that things somehow happen without any effort.
  2. He want us to be a good example for a new generation of leaders – he doesn’t want us to act like some lofty and cheeky millionaire kids that were fed with a platinum spoon from a golden plate, and don’t appreciate anything.


God wishes us a success. But having a dream is not enough.

You have to take action in order to achieve it.

Indeed, it’s important to have a dream and goals. You must know where you are heading.

But without action, you won’t reach your dream nor make a difference.

I’ve criticized wealthy people a little bit. But all of them are not bad. Particularly those who have carved out the way to success.

Therefore, I don’t want you to look at them in the negative way because of few individuals.

This is a guest post by Tony Paluš. Tony writes for a blog – The Inspired Life. He helps people find inspiration and fulfillment in their life. You can sign up for his Personal Development Hacks Newsletter, so you can receive free updates and future stuff from him

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