Embrace The Leadership Pain: Sam Chand Interview

So many people run from their pain, even in leadership.

We don’t like feeling pain. We think pain sucks (and it can). We want to get as far away from pain as possible.

But former pastor Sam Chand has a different take on pain. He believes that we need to embrace pain rather than push it away.

interview with Sam Chand

Sam Chand recently released his book, Leadership Pain: The Classroom For Growth, where he talks in depth about the issues of pain in leadership and what we should do with the pain. His thoughts are eye-opening.

With the release of his new book, I was able to secure an interview with Sam Chand.

Sam Chand Interview

During our time together, Sam and I discuss:

What Sam has done in his career and where he has lived (And, at one point, he lived just a few hours from me).

Well, you know. Live and learn
— Sam Chand

Why leaders need to embrace their pain rather than run from the pain.

The more pain you can handle, the more you can grow as a leader
— Sam Chand (Click to tweet)

How you can increase your pain threshold and why that’s good.

Recognize that pain is your friend. Embrace the fact that the higher you go, the more pain you will have.
–Sam Chand

What is a pain partner and how do you find someone to walk through pain with you.

If you don’t have a pain partner, you will crash and burn.
— Sam Chand (Share This On Twitter)

The movie Gladiator and the character Maximus. Maximus was a fighter and Sam believes we should continue to fight. I wondered if there was a time we should stop fighting.

I wouldn’t say you need to stop fighting. I would say you need to pick a new fight.
— Sam Chand

How research shows that Christian leaders have one of the most stressful jobs and yet how church leaders can still be happy.

You cannot buy the happiness that living in your calling brings
— Sam Chand (Click To Tweet)

Why leaders in the secular marketplace can have the same stress and still feel happy as well.

The stress of the job can be overcome by the happiness the job brings
— Sam Chand

The one piece of advice he’d leave a young Christian leader with.

My time with Sam was great. I learned so much from him and what he’s been through. I hope the interview helped you to see new ways to grow in your leadership.

If you enjoyed what Sam Chand shared with us, be sure to check out his website. You can also see his resource page or purchase his books(affiliate link).

Question: What did you learn from Sam Chand today? Please share your takeaway in the comment section below.

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