7 Signs To Notice Leadership Burnout Coming On

I’ve spent a lot of time leading. I’ve also spent a lot of time watching great leaders lead.

Through this watching, there’s been a lot of leaders that have burned out and fizzled away.

They couldn’t see it coming, and neither could I when it happened to me.

Yet when I look back on my situation, I can see clear signs that burnout was coming.

1. Burnout happens when you believe you have to always be there: Consistency is a great quality to have in leadership. It’s also a dangerous one.

Pam and I felt like we HAD to be at the youth group every Wednesday. We even went as far as being present on Tuesdays when we went to double services.

Being at the church 3 days a week began to put a real strain on the way we felt about leading and the church.

The Keys To Keep Going When You Don’t Feel Like It

Everybody has a point in their lives when they want to quit. They want to throw in the white towel. They want to tap out like a UFC fighter gasping for air in a choke hold.

While we try to play it off like we’re the first person to experience doubt or dissatisfaction with where we’re at, it’s not true. We’re not the first and we’re not the last.

Since you’re not the first, you know there are people who have gone before you and continued on long after they felt like giving up. They’ve succeeded where they saw no hope before.

That’s because there’s always hope. You can keep moving forward even when it feels like you’ve hit a brick wall.

Fight through it: Our minds can play tricks on us that tell us there’s no hope. It’s better to tap out than to keep fighting.

Shooting Star Leadership

Do you remember the thrill of going outside on a cool, dark night to watch shooting stars? The air was cool, the sky was black. Nothing to disturb your viewing except maybe a few clouds and the brightness of the other stars.

Then, in a brief moment, you saw it. There! Up in the sky goes a shooting star. It was a sight to behold, for sure.

Yet, if you’re like me, the action of a shooting star was much too short. You got to see the star falling but only for a few seconds. Then it was gone. Never to be seen again.

Now, how many leaders try to lead in this manner? They strive to be shooting star leaders.

These leaders:

Go fast and hard for a brief moment

Shine brightly for a brief moment