The Keys To Keep Going When You Don’t Feel Like It

Everybody has a point in their lives when they want to quit. They want to throw in the white towel. They want to tap out like a UFC fighter gasping for air in a choke hold.

While we try to play it off like we’re the first person to experience doubt or dissatisfaction with where we’re at, it’s not true. We’re not the first and we’re not the last.

Since you’re not the first, you know there are people who have gone before you and continued on long after they felt like giving up. They’ve succeeded where they saw no hope before.

That’s because there’s always hope. You can keep moving forward even when it feels like you’ve hit a brick wall.

Fight through it: Our minds can play tricks on us that tell us there’s no hope. It’s better to tap out than to keep fighting.

This voice is lying to you. You have a reason to keep going. So keep going.

Learn to talk back to the voice telling you it’s not worth it. Show it the things you’ve accomplished.

Fight back!

Take a break: Most leaders are driven towards success. They want to keep seeing more and more results.

So much so that they’ll neglect their health and well-being.

At times we feel like we need to give up because we do… At least for a brief period of time.

This giving up means taking a break and getting yourself back to health. Take time off and renew your body and mind.

Talk to a friend: Leaders also tend to isolate themselves from their friends.

They’ll lock a door and pound out the work. Then they’ll go home and work some more. Burn the midnight oil and get more work done.

All at the expense of relationships.

It’s okay to take a break (see above!). Take a break and pick up a phone. Give your best friend a call and talk about how you’re feeling.

Before you know it, you may work through your struggle and feel recharged.

These are some simple ways to put the pep back in your step when you feel burnt out. These tactics will get you back on track and ready to go.

Question: What have you done that has helped you combat burnout? I want to hear about it in the comment section.

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