The Things That Should Break A Leader’s Heart

The longer you’re in leadership, the more likely it is you’ll have your leader’s heart broken. It’s an inevitable fact of life.

Disappointment comes along with the turf.

So, what should break a leader’s heart? I believe these things will do just that.

Seeing other leaders fail: While we may be in competition with other leaders, their failures should not bring us joy. Rather, we should weep with them and let it break our hearts.

Seeing marriages fail: One of the worst things I’ve seen is the dissolution of marriages in the church. This is not the place where divorce should happen but it does. And it breaks my heart.

Seeing a failure to launch: I’ve focused a large portion of my adult life on the youth ministry at our church. Time after time, we’ve seen students who have failed to launch. Seeing so much unlocked potential breaks my heart.

Seeing the feminization of boys/men: Let’s be truthful. There’s a difference between males and females. The world will tell us there’s not but deep down we know that’s not true. Trying to take away the things that make boys manly breaks my heart.

Seeing politics played in church: The church can be a place of major politics. Not the political kind but the where people are vying for power. These types of power grabs will destroy the church from the inside out. Seeing the church fall apart breaks my heart.

Seeing dissension: We all know we’re not going to agree on everything. But how many of us are actually okay with this reality? I think the number is far fewer than we’d like to admit. Strained relationships due to us being unable to accept someone else disagrees with us breaks my heart.

My wife and I have been through a lot as leaders. We’ve both been in leadership positions in one capacity or another for over 13 years.

Through our time as leaders, these are the types of situations that break our hearts.

I hope they break your heart too.

If it does, that means you care for people. That is what makes a good leader.

Question: What breaks your heart as a leader? Let’s hear about it in the comments section below.

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