Live A Life Full Of Wonder – Catalyst 2015 Pre-Lab With Reggie Joiner


Amazing things happen when you lean into the phases people are going through. You can show up as volunteers, parents, leaders to bring light to what’s going on

A phase is a timeframe in a kids life when you can leverage distinctive opportunities to influence their future

What wonder are you missing?

Life is moving so fast that we miss the wonder. We can’t miss this!

3 Reasons We Miss The Wonder

  1. We don’t see what we don’t see
  2. We don’t remember what we don’t remember
  3. We don’t anticipate what we don’t anticipate

Signs We Carry In Life

Birth –

Am I safe?

Second Grader –

Do I have what it takes?

6th Grader –

Who do I like? (A drive for acceptance)

10th Grader –

Why should I believe?

The Way You Lead Depends On The Group

These signs that we carry invisible are the key to the way we lead. Every person in the different stages of life is going through something different.

You don’t lead children the same way as you do teenagers. You also don’t lead teenagers the same way you lead an adult.

Be aware of who you’re leading and what needs they have.

Babies – Embrace the physical needs of the group.

Elementary children – Engage their interests.

Middle schoolers – Affirm their worth.

High schoolers – Mobilize for what’s next

Children Are Created In The Image Of God

Remember that every kid is made in the image of God. If we stop and think about this… If this is true… Every kid is unique in creation. Every kid has a divine capacity to…

To reason, improve, and leader

To care, relate, and trust

To believe, to imagine,… even to love

They’re all created in the image of God.

We need to remember to treat the younger generation as valuable. We need to treat them as if we would treat Jesus as they walk through our doors.

If we don’t do this, we miss an opportunity to introduce God to them. We also miss the ability to treat them like God would treat them.

Remember, they all have the divine potential to change the world. Remember they are made in the image of God.

And these people don’t even have to know they’re created in the image of God. That’s crucial. Knowing God doesn’t change the fact of how they were made.

Treat every student who breathes like tey are made in the image of God.

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