What People Will Remember

Our culture has taught us to love the larger than life events. Grand proposals aired on the Jumbotron at Madison Square Gardens. The Christmas bonus that’s half of your annual salary. A midnight release of The Hobbit.

Great events, sure. Memorable? Of course! But, in all honesty, they’re not what most people will remember.

Over the last couple of months friends have posted pictures of our former church secretary (but she was more than a secretary. She was an amazing woman). These pictures made me think of what I remember about her.

Her name was Eleanor Sonnega. And she was a quiet woman.

Mostly in the background. Never wanting much attention. But she did one thing that drew attention.

She had a tradition she would carry out for our church members. Every birthday she would mail a birthday card to the congregants of the church. On top of that, each birthday card contained something special.

A quarter. And not just any quarter. She found one made in the year of your birth.

Now, this may not seem like a lot but it’s memorable. It’s something everyone looked forward to on their birthday.

You talk to anyone who knew her and received one of her cards. They’ll recall the special treat of opening the card and finding another quarter.

What People Will Remember

There was nothing flashy or fancy about Eleanor. That wasn’t her.

What she had was consistency. She made sure to have the birthday card in the mail and at your house by your birthday.

She had a signature. For her, it was the quarter. You knew it was from her because there was that little something extra in the card.

She had a love for people. If you ever met Eleanor, you knew she loved people and loved to serve them. It was her passion.

While she never had a leadership title, Eleanor was the essence of leadership. Her example shined more than words could ever say.

People won’t remember or follow you for your title. They won’t for your flashy clothes or expensive vehicles.

People will remember your consistency.

People will remember your signature.

People will remember your love for them.

We remember Eleanor because of the little things she did. They imprinted on us.

Stop chasing after unimportant things. Chase after the things that will change lives.

Do the consistent actions that leave your signature of love.

Question: What do you want to be remembered for? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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