Create A Decided Heart

There’s been many times I’ve started a new adventure or chose to learn a new skill. Only weeks latter to see I had made no progress.

My interest had waned and I no longer pursued what I thought I was passionate about.


Because my heart wasn’t in it. My heart was undecided.

I have a decided heart is the fourth decision for success in Andy Andrews book The Traveler’s Gift. This may be one of the most important keys to success you will ever learn.

What Is A Decided Heart?

Having a decided heart is simple in theory. Difficult in practice.

You’ve come to the point of having a decided heart when your passion meets your heart. You then put forth the effort to chase after the passion with all you have.

Late nights are no problem. You day dream about what you will do. Working to the point of exhaustion is joy.

Your heart knows what it wants and you’re pursuing this goal with all you are.

The vision becomes reality.

What A Decided Heart Does For You

An indecisive person allows instability into every part of his life.
— Andy Andrews

There’s a great reason you need to have a decided heart.

When you come to this place, you’re more empowered than ever before. Your vision meets your heart and you’re ready to go.

Your decided heart is able to give you the energy you need to accomplish the mundane tasks you must complete to reach your goal. You become focused and driven. You’re able to take action. You have a powerful force pushing you forward. It becomes your stabilizer.

In the end, this happens because you were able and willing to make a decision.

How To Create A Decided Heart

Like I said earlier, the theory of a decided heart is simple but putting it into practice can be tricky. We find ourselves frequently tripping over making a choice.

Whether it’s what movie you’re going to take your wife to or who gets the promotion. We’re often wishy-washy when it comes down to it.

The key is to have a vision of how you see your life. Knowing how you want your life to look at the end will be the catalyst.

You can work backwards and see the steps you need to take. This will give you the confidence you need to step forward and make decisions.

Unleash The Possibilities

Do you want to unlock the possibilities in your life? Having a decided heart is the way to seeing the doors of possibilities open wide.

Because of your decided heart, you’re able to see the opportunities that are before you. Challenges and roadblocks no longer look the same.

You know your situation will never be perfect. That won’t stop you. Instead of disaster lurking behind them, they’re now an adventure of growth and solutions.

When you have a decided heart you’re looking for reasons and new ways to move forward.

Question: How have you created a decided heart? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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