It’s Time For A Leadership PEP Talk

In many schools you’ll find a pep squad. The goal of the pep squad is to raise the school spirit and make people proud of their school.

You may also have had pep talks growing up. Someone shares a few words of wisdom with you, hoping to raise your spirits.

I don’t know when your last pep talk was but I think it’s time for a leadership P.E.P. talk today.

Whoa. Did you see there was something a bit different with the P.E.P. talk I’m talking about? It looks like an acronym.

You’d be right in thinking this way. This P.E.P. talk is going to be a little different but I think it’s going to help you.

Today’s P.E.P. talk is going to be an encouragement to lead well. Maybe even lead better than ever before.

What does it take to P.E.P. up your leadership? Lets see!

Perception: Perception is the way we view the world around us after taking in the information we’ve gathered. Depending upon what you’ve seen, you may or may not view the world in a positive matter. That’s a problem.

If our perception is skewed towards the negative, we’re going to have a negative attitude.

We’re going to see people as problems. We’re going to see difficulties as insurmountable. We’re going to see trouble as a sign to not continue.

If we switch our perception to a more positive light, we’ll begin to see the world as a better place.

We’ll see people as partners and friends. We’ll see difficulties as teaching lessons. We’ll see trouble as strength building for our resolve.

Resolve today to have a positive perception of the world.

Energetic: The next thing a leader needs is energy and the ability to be energetic.

People don’t want to follow someone who’s always devoid of energy and unable to perform at a higher than average level. They’ll see your lack of energy as a sign the vision isn’t critical. And they’ll follow suit.

Find ways to bring energy to your life and your presence. You may need to eat better, get more rest, or get fit to lead. Or maybe it’s a combination of all of these.

Put the energy back into your life and show your team you’re in it to win it.

Persistent: Lastly, a leader needs to be persistent. You’ll face many obstacles as you lead your team onto victory.

You can’t give up. You must be willing to persist. To continue on even when you think there’s no hope.

More often than not, victory is within your grasp as you feel the desire to give up.

I’m often reminded of running my first 25K, that’s 15.5 miles. During the run, I often felt like giving up. Especially after an 80 year old man passed me by.

Yet, I persisted and finished the race.

My finish may not have been world class but I was able to finish the race. This is persistence.

Keep on my friend. Success is close at hand!

There’s my P.E.P. talk for you today. I hope it inspired you. I hope it picked up your spirits. I hope it encouraged you to lead well.

Remember, correct your perception, be energetic, and persist through until the end.

Question: What part of the P.E.P. talk did you need today? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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