4 Ways You Can Create A Leadership Presence

Have you ever met someone who’s physical presence is a little underwhelming? Their demeanor says they don’t matter and their handshake leaves something to be desired?

This reinforces the notions it’s not what you know that really matters. There’s more to leadership than our knowledge. Our presence in leadership matters just as much, if not more.

Image by Sip Khoon

Image by Sip Khoon

Think back to the man you’ve met who left you underwhelmed. Why did you feel this way about this specific person?

I can think of a few reasons:

Their lack of confidence showed in their body language.

We read people by the way they carry themselves.

A lack of energy can often be felt by the other party.

These are but a few reasons you may feel underwhelmed by the presence of another person. As a leader, you need to be aware of the way you’re carrying yourself. Your body language can speak much louder than the words you speak.

Leaders should have a presence that draws attention to the work at hand. You should be drawing others into the fold and getting them excited about what they’re going to do!

Let’s take a look at four ways we can boost our leadership presence as we interact with those around us.

1. Make frequent eye contact: When we’re communicating with others, eye contact conveys much to the other person. Eye contact tells the other party that you’re interested, there’s a level of respect between the parties, it creates a sense of connection, and can convey feelings that words alone cannot.

Now, don’t go getting all creepy with the eye contact. Don’t stare them down like you’re hunting wild game. Instead, break eye contact once in awhile and regain it when you feel like it’s appropriate. Mastering eye contact can change the way people perceive you.

2. Learn the proper way to shake hands: Let’s be honest. We’ve all experienced someone who has a “limp fish” handshake. The handshake may come off as dainty or unsure. There’s no firmness behind the handshake. You’re left feeling like you didn’t shake a hand but a limp fish.

The good news is we can learn how to properly shake hands. It’s not that hard. Head on over to The Art Of Manliness and check out their illustration on how to give a proper handshake. You can check it out here.

3. Get physically fit: One of my core beliefs is that leaders should be willing to get physically fit. When leaders take control of their own bodies and bend it to their will, it shows that they have greater self control than most. Knowing this helps me to follow them easier than someone who’s unwilling to take care of their physical health.

As your level of physical fitness increases, your body begins to change. You begin to stand up straighter, walk with more purpose, and persist with more endurance. Fitness doesn’t affect just the body, it affects the mind as well.

4. Learn to control your voice: You can create a large leadership presence if you’re able to control the tone and volume of your voice. Learn how to move the volume up or down, raise or lower the pitch.

Our voice control can either draw people towards us or push them away. It’s learning the ways to use your voice that can lead others to have a better impression of your leadership.

Question: How do you create your leadership presence? Please share your tips in the comment section below.

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