Persist Without Exception

Every leader will come to the point where he feels he can go no more. That he must give in to the exhaustion he is facing. But is this the proper course to take?

This is the question answered by Andy Andrews in the last decision of The Traveler’s Gift. I’ve shared with you the previous six decisions in past blog posts.

David Ponder nears the end of his journey as he receives the scroll from Gabriel with the decision to Persist Without Exception written on it. It’s a fitting end as David had not persisted without exception and that’s how he wound up traveling through time.

What Is Persisting Without Exception?

Persisting without exception is knowing the end goal. It is being unwilling to waver even when the situation seems daunting and scary. It means continuing despite exhaustion setting in.

You push through the struggles of life. You rise above the average person. You persist until you’ve accomplished what you set out to accomplish.

You give your all and then some.

What Happens When You Persist Without Exception?

I believe things begin to come together for people who persist without exception. Often we give up right before we break through to success. Instead, we give up and allow the pain and suffering to overwhelm us.

Think about the athlete who trains to win Olympic gold. What does he do? He has to persist without exception.

The Olympic athlete has to push his body to the limit, often going past physical exhaustion. He has to train his body through the pain. He has to work harder, longer, and more often than the average person.

When the Olympic athlete does the hard work and persists through the pain, he rises to the top of his sport. He is able to do things the average person and other elite athletes are unable to do.

If you’re willing to persist without exception, you will rise to the top of whatever you’re doing. You will become an elite leader. You will become a master craftsman. You will become a great writer.

Whether you want to become an elite leader, a master craftsman, a great writer, or rise to the top of some other profession, you must do one thing. That is to persist without exception. This is the way to rise to the top.

Choose today to persist without exception. Do the hard work and push through the exhaustion. Be willing to go the distance.

Question: What do you do to persist without exception? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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