The 5 Best Places To Nurture Your Connections

Leaders are always looking to grow their networks. There are tried and not-so-true places to grow your connections. Just think about the last “networking” event you went to. You were probably pitched more than you’d like.

What if there were places where you could grow your network easily and have fun doing so? You’ll not only increase your network, but you’ll also have fun doing so.

I’ve discovered the 5best places to grow your network. They’ve worked for me. They’ll work for you.

The 5 Best Places To Nurture Your Connections

1. Local coffee shops:

The local coffee shop is my favorite place to find and nurture my connections. Coffee shops have become the new local bar.

When you find a great coffee shop, you know it. Muskegon has many great coffee shops to grow your connections. I think of The “US” Cafe, Aldea Coffee, Drip Drop Drink, and others. These local coffee shops do more than fuel your caffeine addiction.

The local coffee shop is a hub of activity. Owners of large companies, small startups, and other types of organizations show up at coffee shops to get out of the office and make connections.

Find a great local coffee shop that will do this for you.

2. Toastmasters:

I’ve shared about the power of Toastmasters on the blog before. Toastmasters has helped me feel more confident in my public speaking.

More than that, Toastmasters has been a place to connect with other movers and shakers.

Everyone at Toastmasters has their own reason for being there. Some want to be able to lead better; others want to be able to communicate clearly. Whatever your reason, there’s a wide range of people there to connect with.

Join a local Toastmasters club and connect!

3. Church:

This one may seem strange, but it isn’t. Your local church is a great place to nurture your connections.

People of like minds come together to worship in the church. You know you have a shared interest in God. Why not build out those relationships?

Connect with people in your church. Find out what they do and why. You may be surprised there are brilliant people there doing fantastic things.

4. Local clubs:

While Toastmasters could be considered a local club, I wanted to make a general entry for them. Local clubs are things such as the Lions Club, Young Urban Professionals, and others.

These clubs, like the church, bring like-minded people together. They’re often a business growth or network growing opportunity.

Find your local club that meets your need. Join. Show up and offer value.

5. Online:

I’ve nurtured so many of my connections through the world of online. I’ve even grown my network because of the connections I’ve made through Facebook groups, newsletters, and more.

Look for places online where you can connect, meet, and grow your relationships. These connections can empower you significantly due to the fact that many of these connections will be across the state, country, and even the world.

Connections Work

Whatever you do to nurture your connections, you need to do it. Letting your connections go stagnant is death to your network.

Use the 5 places I’ve shared above to keep the connections alive, growing, and thriving. You will find yourself growing along with your connections.

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