What Church Leaders Can Do To Reach People

We’ve heard horror stories on how the modern church is shrinking. No one is going to church, or so we’re told.

Some of these scary church statistics are true.

people are hungry for good churches

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However, the reasons the church isn’t growing like we think it should are not the reasons we think. We’re actually pretty far off base when we come to the reasons people stop coming to church.

What’s Not Working

Church leaders try to put on big church productions, the ones with flashy lights and slick production. Church leaders believe this is what will bring people to church.

Church leaders try to make the message of the Bible more relevant. Church leaders believe watering down the truth of the Bible will bring people to church.

Church leaders try to tickle the ears of their congregants. Church leaders believe playing to what people want to hear will bring people to church.

These are the reasons people are fleeing the church.

They see through the fancy productions. They don’t want half-truths. They don’t want pleasing messages (though it’s what we’re told they do).

What Church Leaders Can Do To Effectively Reach People

Church leaders can reach people by preaching the truth. Sure, this will offend some people and turn them away. But so did Christ. In fact, He was crucified for the message he brought to the people.

Church leaders can reach people by being real. You don’t have to tell of all your faults but you also don’t need to hide your struggles. Your church knows you face trials and tribulations. Don’t be fake.

Church leaders can reach people by going into the community. For far too long the church has stayed within it’s 4 walls. They hold Sunday morning and Wednesday night church services (possibly with a Sunday night service as well) and believe the church is reaching the world. No, church leaders must be willing to step out of the church and into the community.

Church leaders can reach people by helping the poor. Social justice is a huge deal these days. Your church members believe you should be helping the less fortunate. The Bible also tells us this is our responsibility as a believer and a church.

Why This Works

While people love to be catered to, they’re also finally realizing that sermons full of fluff and feel good messages don’t do any good. It’s like eating nothing but junk food. Eventually you get sick.

And that’s where a lot of the church is at. They’re sick. They’ve been fed candy-coated messages so long they have trouble remembering what a Bible based message actually is.

You can help. You can step forward and begin preaching the word the way it was meant to be.

Don’t be ashamed of what the Gospel says. It’s message is powerful and will draw people.

Question: What do you think? Is the church finally tired of fluff messages? Let’s talk about this in the comments section below.

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