Leveraging Technology For Leadership Success

I think about my father and the technological changes he’d seen throughout his 93 years of living. From the advent of the television to cars to improved phones to computers to cell phones… He saw a lot of technological advancement in his life.

We’re seeing similar things happen in our lifetime as well. Technology is increasing at a rapid rate. It’s hard to keep up.

Yet, technology is the key to success in business. We connect to customers, maintain our schedules, keep ourselves on task (or off task), and more.

But how does technology help someone in a leadership position? You already know some of the answers:

  • I can track employee efficiencies
  • I can communicate with my team even when I’m not in the office
  • Emails come directly to my cell phone

There are more ways that technology can be leveraged for leadership success. We’re going to dive into those ideas below.

Leveraging Technology For Leadership Success

Technology helps leaders stay ahead of the competition:

Every time you play around with a new technology, you teach yourself and those around you new skills. If you’ve ever used ChatGPT or Magai to write the basis for an email, you know how much that helps. What helps even more is when you embrace these technologies before the competition does.

I have witnessed people in the office discovering AI software and other technologies, using them, and seeing them leapfrog over their peers. As they harnessed the technology, they learned skills that kept them ahead of others.

Eventually, they would share these skills with others in the office, but at first, they had that first-adopter advantage. The same goes for you, your business, and your employees. Adopt and learn technologies before your competition. You’ll find yourself ahead of them before they know what hit them.

Technology will increase your collaboration:

Never before have we had so many incredible people at our fingertips. You can reach out to a leadership expert on Twitter and receive a response (most of the time). Type someone’s name into a Google search, and you can discover their email address. Hop into one of the new social media websites and you can watch someone you admire go live and then interact with them by asking questions they can see in real-time.

Technology helps us connect and collaborate more than ever. All you need is a cell phone, laptop, or desktop computer, and you can be instantly connected to influential people around the world. Ask them for a quick collaboration, and you’ll be surprised to find out how many say yes.

Technology gives you easy access to information:

I remember when I was in school, we had to go to the Encyclopedia Britannica to learn fascinating facts about the world. These books were tomes. They were hardcover, thick, and heavy. Carrying around all of the information they contained would be impossible. You’d need a dolly or cart to transport them.

Now, technology gives us easy access to information. Whether it’s your cell phone or computer, you can type in a question and get an immediate response with a list of websites that may have the answer to your query.

Use the technology of the internet to get your pressing questions answered.

Technology allows for remote work:

In years past, employees who worked out of the office were typically salespeople. They had to travel to clients, attend conferences, and make connections wherever possible. Now, technology allows almost any employee the benefit of working remotely.

All it takes is a remote desktop solution or VPN connection to your server and your employees can work from wherever they choose. It’s pretty impressive.

Now, you can use technology to find the best employees regardless of their geographical location.

This does raise an issue with you having to learn how to lead a remote team, but that’s a hurdle for another day. For now, realize you can get the best employees regardless of where your organization is located.

Lead With Technology

The more you hardness technology in your everyday and workday life, the more you’ll learn and grow. That growth will lead to skills that will advance your leadership.

Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty with new technology. Play with it, explore it, and learn how to adapt it to your organization.

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