Feel Like Someone’s Watching?

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Many leaders that once they have fulfilled their time commitment as a leader, they are free to act as they please. This is not the case. Being in a position of leadership requires you to live your life to a higher standard. I know, you are saying “But that is not fair. I did not sign up for a 24/7 commitment.” I will agree, it is not fair. However, it is the truth.

As youth leaders in our youth group, my wife and I have learned one thing. You never know when someone may be watching you.

We have been walking the mall, attending a movie, or going to a concert and have had one of the kids from our youth group approach us because they noticed we were there. This always serves as a reminder to us to that we are an example at all times.

Whenever you do a thing, act as if all the world were watching.
— Thomas Jefferson

Being in a place of leadership, we are to be examples to those around us. People look to you to see how to act. They will assess the things that you do and come to conclusions. These include:

  • What is acceptable speech
  • What is acceptable behavior
  • Whether or not you are authentic
  • What is important in life
  • How to treat other people

Leaders live in fish bowl and are always being watched. They should always be conscious of that fact and take advantage of it.
–Gene Klann

With leadership comes great responsibility. You are being watched. Set an example that is worthy of being followed and people will follow.

Question: As a leader, have you noticed others watching you? Do you believe it is fair that you are held to a higher standard as a leader?
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