Where Did Community Go?

One of the things that attracted me to blogging was the community. Ten years ago, commenting communities were HUGE on the blogs I would visit.

I remember voraciously reading thoughts from Dan Miller, Michael Hyatt, Jon HarrisonChris Lautsbaugh, Alex Barker, and many others. Their ideas would percolate in my mind and I would begin to think out my own thoughts on their latest topic.

fiver people running on the field near trees

Photo by Jed Villejo

I felt like I was getting a peek inside of their minds. Then, as a bonus, I could comment on their work. I could share the thoughts they inspired and have a conversation with them.

It was a great time to be online and connecting with people. It was the thing I loved most about blogs. The connection and feeling of community.

Times Change

In recent years, the online community has changed. I was reminded of this recently when I was looking for something from Alex.

What I Love About My Google Chromebook

You’ll often hear the raging battle between Mac and PC users. There are many arguments for why the PC is better than a Mac and why a Mac is better than a PC.

What you rarely hear about is the Google Chrome OS and how it gets inexpensive laptops into user’s hands.You'll be surprised with a Google Chromebook

Before my trip to Catalyst Atlanta 2013, I purchased the Acer C710-2856 Chromebook laptop. The C710 is a sleek and unassuming powerhouse for the general user looking to surf the internet, create word documents, and send emails.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to like this laptop as it uses a different operating system than I’m used to. However, that was easily overcome after a short period of usage.

The Google Chrome OS is a sleek beauty that is easy to use and understand. If you’ve ever used their Chrome browser, you’ll easily adapt.

How I Save Over $300 A Year Shopping Online And You Can Too!

Check out these cashback sites to earn money from shopping

Most of us like to get new books, gadgets, and toys. The newest Apple iPad or MacBook Pro. A Canon 7D Digital SLR camera. Or maybe it’s the latest, greatest leadership book.

The purchase will probably be done online. And I’ve got great news for you today…

Folded $100 Bills

As a leader, it’s our responsibility to spend our money wisely.

Why? Because it:

  • allows you, the organization, or ministry to give freely
  • shows that you are a good steward
  • relieves the worry and anxiety that poor spending habits can bring

There’s many ways that you can spend money wisely:

  • Create a budget
  • Spend only what has been earned
  • Limited or no use of credit cards
  • Getting the biggest bang for your buck

And that’s what I want to share with you today. A  simple tip on getting the most out of your money.

Tech Tips Series: How to create a secure password

One of the areas I see computer users slack on is password creation.This can be dangerous. You want data to be secure!

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A secure password means a secured account. Image via Wikipedia

Why does this happen? Many computer users will choose passwords that they feel are easy to remember.

Weak passwords can be an open door to your email account, bank account, or even website!

Unfortunately, they usually choose passwords that hackers and bots (programs that search for vulnerable passwords) can easily decipher.

Here are a list of popular passwords that were revealed when accounts from a popular site was hacked:

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. iloveyou
  4. abc123
  5. qwerty

Do you notice anything about these passwords? Here are the things that I notice:

  • They are short. Most were six characters or less
  • When they contain numbers, they are in numerical order

Tech Tips Series: Backing Up Your Data

Image: David Castillo Dominici / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

One of the most frustrating issues you can have with your computer is a hard drive failure.

When your hard drive fails, you can lose all of your data. This means the loss of family photographs, work documents, music, and more.

It is enough to make you want to pull your hair out. Or curl into a ball and cry. It is a devastating experience.

Let me start with what your hard drive is and how it operates.

Your hard drive is the storage unit of your computer. All of your information is storage on this device. Your pictures, your music, your documents.

If you are having trouble picturing what your hard drive does, imagine your food pantry. You have a space where all of your food is stored. Your hard drive is the computer’s pantry.