Leaders Are Dream Releasers

As people come onto your team, they put their trust in you. They believe you are going to lead them in the right direction. Maybe even help them achieve their dreams.

Sadly, too many leaders believe their people are there to work for them and them alone. They shackle them with golden handcuffs or maybe they beat them down with unkind words. These leaders are not dream releasers. They are dream jailers.

Maybe you’ve experienced this? I know I have. One leader constantly told me there was nothing better out there. No one would treat me the way they did.

It was a lie. It was a trap to keep me there.

His words did not release my dreams. They shackled me.

I don’t want you to be a dream shackler. Instead, I want you to be a dream release like Dr. Sam Chand.

Leaders Are Dream Releasers

You can take specific actions to release the dreams of those you lead. When you release the dreams, you will release the person. They will find out what truly makes them passionate. Maybe even sing! Sometimes, releasing their dreams also means releasing them from your employ. People leaving your organization is okay. You’ve released someone to soar!

How do you become a dream releaser? You do the following.

Discover their dreams:

You can’t help your team members release their dreams if you don’t know their dreams. That makes sense, right?

So, get to know your people. Discover what they’re passionate about. Find out their hobbies, hopes, and dreams.

Only then can you begin to be a dream releaser.

Nurture their dreams:

We have a hard time nurturing our own dreams. However, leaders have a responsibility to nurture the dreams of those they lead.

How can you nurture the dreams of others?

You know what their dreams are. Because of this, you can place your people in positions that use the skills they have to pursue their dreams. Maybe they don’t have the skills but they have the passion. Put them in situations where they can pursue their passion while developing the skills to achieve their dreams.

Help them understand how to pursue the dream:

One of the reasons people don’t pursue their dreams is because they don’t know how. On the other hand, you have an idea of how to pursue your dreams.

You’ve reached for the stars in the past. You’ve reached them. Now, it’s time to help others pursue their dreams.

Give them the tools and resources you used to reach your potential. Share with them the books, courses, and ideas that helped you form who you are today.

These things will help your people pursue their dreams!

Make connections for them:

The most outstanding leaders I’ve met are connectors. They look for people they can connect.

Maybe Bob wants to get into graphic design. You know a local business owner who needs a little help with their logo. You connect the two.

It could be Sandra wants to open her own restaurant at some point. You connect her to Shawn, who runs a local restaurant. They’re able to connect and she’s able to figure out her next steps.

Dream A Little More

You’ve been put in the perfect position to help others achieve their dreams. Dream about the ways you can help people soar to new heights and reach their dreams.

It’s in your power. Be the leader who releases dreams!

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