What We Can Learn From The Hard Times

Everyone will experience hard times in their lives.

These are the times when it seems like you can’t get ahead. Maybe your bills are piling up. Or it could be the initiatives you’ve launched have failed.

Hard times try us.

The hard times can be your friend

You Will Have Hard Times In Your Life

The last couple of years have felt like a mighty battle has been waged in my life.

We had to put down one dog. We’re concerned about the health of our other dog. We left a leadership position at a church (and the church itself). We had to buy 2 vehicles in one year. We had our basement flood and we had struggles with our city’s insurance company.

These hard times have weighed heavy on our hearts and minds. They’re troubling yet reassuring all at the same time.

I’m not sure what your hard times will be, but know you will face them.

Hard Times Can Teach Us

Through these difficult times, something has clicked. There are lessons we need to learn.

The loss of our dog taught us that we will have to make really tough choices in our lives. Dealing with a slow insurance company has taught us patience. Buying 2 new vehicles taught us the importance of having a savings account for emergencies.

What are your trials trying to teach you?

Is the failed project teaching you that you need to have a better plan of attack? Is the struggle to gain followers teaching you how to better reach out to those you want to lead? Is the troubled employee teaching you better people skills?

These are the things we can learn when we begin to look at the hard times with new eyes.

Embrace The Hard Times

Now it’s time to embrace these times of hardship. It’s your opportunity for growth.

Take hold of your trials. Ask them what they’re trying to teach you.

Begin to pick them apart. See the growth potential that’s awaiting you if you are willing to walk through the hard times.

And something amazing happens when you reach the end of the journey. You find out that while the pain sucked, there was a reason for the pain.

You were able to experience exponential growth. You were able to come out stronger. You were able to find yourself.

Question: What have you learned from the hard times in your life? Share an example (if you’re comfortable) with us in the comment section below.

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