4 Ways We Can Follow Jesus’ Example In Leadership

If you ask me, Jesus’ example is one every leader should follow. What makes Jesus such a great example of leadership?

He’s the ultimate leader. His example is one we should all follow but will always fall short of.

In this post, we’re going to look at Jesus’ example and how it relates to our leadership.

4 Ways We Can Follow Jesus’ Example In Leadership

1. Jesus had a mission and vision. You need one too:

When Adam sinned in the Garden Of Eden, the world changed. No longer was there peace on earth. Instead, sin entered the world, and the world fell.

Jesus came for a reason. He had a mission of redeeming the world through his sacrifice. He knew what He had to do. And he did it. Jesus stayed on mission during his time on this planet.

What’s your vision and mission? Are you committed to living it out?

Jesus did. You can too.

Make sure your vision and mission are something worth pursuing. Make it crystal clear. Then go at it with your all.

2. Jesus’ mission was bigger than Himself. Make your mission bigger than you:

Can you imagine the weight Jesus had to carry as He pursued His mission? He had the weight of the world on His shoulders. If He were to fail, the lives of countless people would be in jeopardy.

Jesus lived a perfect life so everyone could have the opportunity for eternal life. His mission went beyond Himself. His mission included every single person.

What’s your mission look like? Is it full of life, or is it self-centered and revolves around you?

If we want to lead well, we have to consider our mission. We have to make our mission about more than ourselves. We have to include others in the mission.

Think about your mission. Look for ways to expand the mission to include others. The bigger the mission, the more significant the impact.

3. Jesus suffered for others. Be willing to suffer for others:

Jesus laid down His life for others. He willingly took up a cross, walked the hill to Calvary, and was nailed to a cross. He hung there, dying a slow, painful death.

Why? Because He knew through His perfect, sinless life that scores would be saved. His suffering would bring restoration between the world and God.

In no way am I saying that we’re Jesus or our mission is similar to his. We’ll never save the world. We can make an impact. We can help others.

And to help others, we may have to suffer. 

You may have to take a pay cut to keep employees on the payroll. You may have to give up some nights and weekends to ensure everything is handled.

Being a leader means you’ll have to sacrifice your comfort for others.

4. Jesus brought hope. You can bring hope:

Jesus brought hope to the world. Through His sacrifice, the world has an opportunity to accept the gift of eternal life. It’s not a gift everyone accepts, but it is one that is given.

You have the opportunity to bring hope to those you lead. You can’t give them eternal life, but you can provide them with something.

As leaders, we can give the following hope to our people:

  • They will be treated fairly
  • They will be taken care of
  • They are known
  • They are loved
  • They are valued
  • They are making a difference
  • Their voice is heard

And while this is a fine line to walk, you can also share the love and hope of Christ with them. 

The Ultimate Leader Model

I believe Jesus Christ is the ultimate model for leadership. Everything He did was to glorify the Father. He took His life and offered it up as a willing sacrifice. He chose to put others before Himself. And he gave hope to the world.

Follow in His footsteps. Let your life be a reflection of Him in you.

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