The World Keeps Changing

Only a few things are guaranteed in this life of ours.

We are guaranteed that one day we will day. And we are guaranteed there will be change.

Change Comes In Many Different Forms

You never know where change will come from. It seems like it was out of left field.

Sometimes the change will hit you like a train wreck.

Over the last couple of years, Pam and I have seen 2 youth pastors leave the church we were attending, we’ve left a church I’ve attended for almost 30 years, we lost one of our dogs, and so much more.

Change is quite. Change is shocking. Change is painful.

And sometimes change is good. Change can be refreshing. Change can be joyful.

You might see change in the growth of your child. You might experience change when you leave a bad job for your dream job.

Change can feel bad and good. And that’s okay.

You’ll Always Have Change

That’s the thing. You’re always guaranteed change in life.

You can’t control who loves you. You can’t control who lives or dies. You can’t even control what people say to you.

So, we need to get comfortable with change.

It’s coming whether or not you like it.

Will You Continue To Change?

The world is in constant flux. We’ve seen that.

The question is, will you continue to change with the world?

We need to change. Change into the person we’re created to be.

Continue to change by reading good books

Continue to change by pursuing good

Continue to change by helping others

Continue to change by trying new things

Continue to change by loving your spouse

Continue to change by chasing after God

With all the change that’s happening, you can’t afford to stay the same.

Seek out change and begin transforming your life. Learn, laugh, live, grow, change!

Question: What are you doing to change your life? Let’s talk about it in the comment section below.


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