How To Make Your Voice Heard

Do you have that same small voice that I have? The one that tells me that my voice doesn’t matter. That I shouldn’t speak up and let my voice be heard.

If we’re truthful, many of us are stuck at this impasse. We’ve been called to the leadership table but don’t think we have any input to offer.

Speak up and lead

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But that’s not true. You do have value to add to the team.

That’s why you were chosen for leadership. That’s why you stepped into the role of leadership.

Someone saw value within you. Someone recognized you had something to say. Even if that person was you.

Why You Don’t Speak Up

I’ll be the first to admit. I have a problem speaking up.

I feel there are wiser people in attendance than myself. I feel I don’t have enough experience. I feel my ideas may be out there, even for the groups I’m leading.

Do you feel me?

My guess is your reasons for not speaking up and having your voice heard parallel my reasons.

We don’t speak up because:

We feel we lack experience

We feel we’re the low person on the totem pole

We feel that our ideas crazy

We feel our voice won’t be listened to (this happens after we’ve been shot down a time or two)

We feel ideas won’t be implemented

As you can see, there’s plenty of reasons to not speak up. But when you don’t speak up, the organization suffers.

How To Speak Up

If you’re in a position of leadership, you’ve come to the big boy table. The one where decisions are made and action is taken.

That’s awesome! Do you realize you’re in a place many people wish they could be?

Don’t pass up this opportunity. Being at the table means YOU have a voice. You can speak up.

And yet doing so is so hard. We struggle to say what’s on our minds and to be heard.

Yet you can do it. I know you can. Here’s how you make your voice heard:

Open your mouth and let your ideas flow

Raise your hand and let people know you have an opinion on a topic

Interrupt the conversation and give your piece (Be careful on this one. Know that timing is important)

Have notes ready so you can clearly present your ideas

How Speaking Up Impacts Your Leadership

Leading requires you to speak up. You’ve got to let your voice be heard.

Otherwise you’re really not leading. Instead, you’re passively sitting by and letting your ideas and opinions grow old.

Speaking up helps others see you as a leader. They see you as someone who presents good, and bad, ideas but you’re not afraid to do so.

Being heard cements your position. Don’t pass it up.

Question: How are you making your voice heard as you lead? Let’s share our thoughts in the comment section.

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