3 Questions To Ask If You Want To Build Integrity

I was recently reading an excerpt from John Maxwell’s book Developing the Leader Within You. In one of the chapters, he writes about the difference between image-building and integrity-building. These questions really struck me.

I believe integrity is the key to being a great leader. The outward appearance, looking good, and other actions aren’t what make a leader. A leader has to be integrious first and foremost.

How do you put integrity first? John Maxwell had three questions in three areas you could ask yourself. I believe these questions will help you become a more integrity-led leader.

3 Questions To Ask If You Want To Build Integrity

1. Consistency: Are you the same person no matter who you are with?:

Leaders with integrity are consistent. They do what they say, do it repeatedly, and they don’t change based on the people they are around. Being consistent is easy to say but challenging to practice.

Watch your actions and thoughts while you’re around others. Do you shift the way you act when you’re around specific people? You may be lacking integrity.

Leaders with integrity make sure they’re the same regardless of who they’re with.

2. Choices: Do you make decisions that are best for others when another choice would benefit you?:

Making choices that benefit others is another problematic situation. People are naturally drawn to make decisions that are best for themselves rather than the community, especially in these me first days.

Great leaders look out for themselves but also realize they are responsible to those they lead. The decisions they make have to keep their people in mind.

Make sure you’re looking out for more than yourself. The people you lead are looking to you to make decisions that benefit everyone.

3. Credit: Are you quick to recognize others for their efforts and contributions to your success?:

There are a lot of people who have played into your success. But, do you recognize those people and the contributions they’ve given?

I think about Michael Hyatt, Dan Miller, Dan Black, Brian Dodd, and others who have poured into my life. They’ve helped me become a better leader.

I try to recognize them as much as I can when I share about my leadership journey. They’re the reason I have been successful in what I do.

Who are the people that have helped you become the leader you are or have helped the business reach the level of success it’s currently experiencing?

These people need to be recognized. Give credit to those who have helped build and shape you and the organizations you’ve worked for.

Integrity Takes Work

These questions will help you clarify whether or not you’re on the path to being a leader with integrity. I pray that you are.

Remember, integrity takes work. Integrity is doing the right things over and over again. The work of being a leader with integrity is never over.

Keep at it. When you fall short, get back up. Remind yourself of the questions John Maxwell wants you to answer. The more you can return to these questions, the more your mind will be focused on leading with integrity.

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