Do Just A Little

Our tasks can seem so daunting. We’ve got to clean the whole house. The financial statements must be completed. Or we have to lose 40 pounds.


When you think about the whole, the issues before us seem so monumental. We don’t know how we’re going to get things done.

Let me tell you. You can get things done by doing just a little.

Do Just A Little

You may not have the time or energy to get everything on your list done. But, what if I told you, you probably have enough time to accomplish just a little piece of your to-do list?

Would you be willing to do just a little? Or would you brush off the little as not enough?

We love to say that doing a little isn’t worth the while. I want to tell you that just a little is more than doing nothing.

Clean the corner of one of the rooms in your house today. That’s cleaner than it was. Then you can move to another corner of the room. Then another. Soon, your first room will be clean. Now, you can do the next room and then the next.

Those financial statements that are a mess. Start with one page. Work on getting things sorted out there. Done? Now, do the next page and the next and then the next. Before you know it, you’ll have gone through the financials and have them in order.

Git R Done

The words above are part of a famous quote by comedian Larry The Cable Guy. Larry’s famous line is a good one for us to remember.

Git R Done means Get It Done. You can get things done by starting with one small thing. Finish the small thing and then move to the next small thing.

The small things will add up. You’ll see that you’ve done big things before you know it.

Today, if you’re overwhelmed, I want to encourage you to do just a little thing. The little thing will inspire you to do another little thing. By the time you’re done, the little things will have added up to something bigger than you could see.

Take your time. See what needs to be done. Break it apart. And get it done by doing just a little.

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