The Power of Connecting With Like Minded People

We live in such a diverse world. People come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s truly amazing.

Our interests are just as diverse. We’ve got people who are athletic, nerdy, funny, smart, etc… A world full of difference.

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Diversity is great. It opens you up to new experiences and ideas. Some you may never have thought of before.

I encourage you to seek diversity.

But I also encourage you to seek out like minded people.


It might seem odd that I’m encouraging you to seek out like minded people. Why would you want to seek out people with similar interests?

It’s quite simple actually. You should seek out like minded people for their encouragement. And the encouragement that they can bring to you.

Finding others who are pursuing their passions and desires can bring a huge boost to your pursuit of the lifestyle you desire.

I found that out recently.

My good friend Kimanzi Constable encouraged me to call him recently. I’d been having a rough time and he wanted to encourage me and share part of his journey. During our conversation my spirits were lifted and I felt ready to go get ’em.

Another friend picked up the phone not too long after and gave me a ring. During our chat we discussed what we’re pursuing, what we want to do, and what’s been going on in our lives. It was another time of encouragement.

When you’re talking to like-minded people you begin to catch the enthusiasm of the other person. It works both ways and you both end the conversation feeling pumped for what’s next.

It’s a great way to get that boost forward. To get the encouragement you need to move to the next level.


How can you do this? It’s really simple.

  • Make a list of the qualities you would like to have
  • Begin watching and interacting with others
  • Gravitate toward those who are pursuing the same passions as you.
  • Connect and form friendships

Before you know it you’ll be on the pathway to success. You’ll have budding relationships that are pushing you and your friends towards goals unimaginable. All it takes is the first step. Take it and achieve greatness.

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.– Jim Rohn

Question: How do you seek out like-minded people in your life? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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