The Difference Between Knowing And Taking Action

Gaining knowledge is so easy. It’s almost crazy.

We’ve got a wealth of books, seminars, and messages giving us the information we need to succeed. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming.

But we’re able to cram our brains with information and become knowledgeable.


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That’s all well and good. We’re becoming smarter. We’re becoming experts.

And yet that is not enough.

There’s a difference between knowledge and taking action. They’re worlds apart.

Knowledge is filling your mind with new information.

Reading a new book. Going to the business class. Listening to the latest podcast.

Good, good stuff. But you can’t stop there.

But taking action is where it’s at.

We must begin to APPLY that knowledge. Until you do, you’re just a talking head.

I was recently talking to a friend and he asked me a few tough questions.

Where did I want to take my blog? Am I willing to get out there and promote it? Was I putting myself out there and creating guest post? Will I ever get out and speak on the topics that I’m writing about?

To be honest, it made me feel vulnerable. I wasn’t prepared for such questions. I knew the answers and I didn’t like what they were.

I hadn’t been actively seeking opportunities to guest post. I hadn’t been seeking speaking engagements. I wasn’t willing to do what I KNEW.

Thanks to that conversation I began to take action.

I knew I had to if I wanted to continue to grow.

Here’s how you can take action:

  • Contact another blogger asking for an opportunity to guest post: It’s as simple as finding their contact information and shooting an email with your guest post proposal. Create killer content and begin to spread it to other bloggers. I’ve taken the first step and submitted guest posts to two different bloggers. What will you do?


  • Create a plan of attack for your blog: Ask yourself tough questions. What results do I want to see from my blog? What statistics are important to me? What steps will I take to grow my website? I’m still working through this but I’m getting closer to knowing what I want. What are your answers?


  • Ask your community for help: You’ve invested time in growing the community. They’ve invested in your blog by interacting and sharing. They’re willing to help you become better. Take the time to talk with your community. Discover what they like about your site and what they don’t. The answers may shock you. Are you willing to do this?


I’m tired of just gaining knowledge. It’s not doing me any good if I’m not applying it.

Are you fed up with it too? Will you join me on this journey of applying the knowledge and taking action? I hope you are!

Question: How are you applying the knowledge you’ve gained towards building your platform? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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