3 Areas You Can Upgrade Your Memory

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Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you’re trying to recall a business prospect’s name?

It just won’t come to you. You stumble and falter over the name. Trying to hide the fact from him that you can’t remember his name.

Being forgetful is not fun. But there’s hope. You can upgrade your memory!

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The path to upgrading your memory will not always be easy. There will be times when you get frustrated and want to give up.

I’m here to tell you not to give up! Keep pushing towards the goal of improving your memory. You can do it and I’ll let you know how I’ve done it.

  • How To Remember A Name: I’ve made this a goal of mine. To become better at remembering names of people. There are days when I’m on my A-game and nail names like crazy. There are also days when I fail miserably. As I practice, it only gets better.How do I do I nail names of people I’ve just met into my memory? When I meet a new person, I like to say their name multiple times during the conversation. This creates a link to the name in my brain. I also try to relate the new person with a name from my past. It’s even better if they look like a friend with the same name. You’ll be able to recall names with more accuracy if you implement these two tricks.


  • How To Remember Important Dates: Technology has made it a lot easier to remember important dates. Birthdays, anniversaries, annual parties. They can all be put into your smart phone or computer calendar as a repeating appointment. The electronic calendars will remind you hours, days, weeks, or even months before the important dates.


  • How To Remember What You Read: Reading is a great way to learn new skills. We’ve got books that cover any topic we can imagine. But it does no good if we fly through a book and can’t remember what it taught us.Begin by taking notes as you read. Anything that pops out. Write it down verbatim. Once you get comfortable doing this, begin recognizing the thoughts you get as you read. Scribble those thoughts down in a journal. They’re new insights you’re getting from the information you’re putting into your brain. Lastly, start implementing what you’re reading into your daily life. If all you do is take notes and create new thoughts, the information won’t last. It won’t change your life. You must begin to implement those ideas into your life.

Start slowly and apply the tips to one area of your life at a time. Once you get the hang of it in one section of your life, start on the next. Before you know it you will be a memory wizard.

Question: What could an improved memory do for you in your job, relationships, or life in general? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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