3 Questions To Connect The Dots – Catalyst Atlanta Andy Stanley

Today, I’m live blogging from the Catalyst Atlanta Conference. Catalyst is a gathering of leaders to hear from some of the best and brightest in leadership.

Catalyst’s theme for 2016 is Uncommon Fellowship.

If the live updates on my site aren’t enough, you can also watch Catalyst Live here.

The last speaker for Catalyst Atlanta 2016 is Andy Stanley. Let’s welcome him back to the stage!

Andy Stanley speaks on Uncommon Fellowship at Catalyst Atlanta

Image courtesy of Catalyst

Healthy organizations do something special. When organizations are healthy, everyone understands why everyone else is important.

Think about a football or baseball team. While not everyone gets the same face time, everyone is important. The pitcher needs to throw the ball, the catcher needs to catch the ball, and so on. A great baseball needs to have every type of player on their team.

3 Questions To Connect The Dots

1. WHAT are we doing? Everybody knows what they are doing. That’s a job description.

However, what WE do, as a whole, is what makes what you do in the organization so important.

When everyone knows what we are doing, most decisions are pre-decided.

2. WHY are we doing it? The question why is where you find your inspiration. You discover what is at stake.

What goes away when your organization is no longer there? This is what you will find out when you ask yourself this question.

Your organization will become focused and dialed in on the WHY.

3. WHERE do I fit in? This is the hard one…

We now know what we’re doing. We also know why we’re doing it. And now we need to know where do I fit in.

This is about the responsibility that you carry, not the job that you do.

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