3 Money Habits To Help Unity In Our Community – Catalyst Atlanta 2016 Rachel Cruze

Today, I’m live blogging from the Catalyst Atlanta Conference. Catalyst is a gathering of leaders to hear from some of the best and brightest in leadership.

Catalyst’s theme for 2016 is Uncommon Fellowship.

If the live updates on my site aren’t enough, you can also watch Catalyst Live here.

The next speaker at Catalyst Atlanta is Rachel Cruze, the daughter of Dave Ramsey, author of Live Your Life, Not Yours.

Rachel Cruze speaking at Catalyst Atlanta

Image courtesy of Catalyst

There’s a lot of fear, shame, and intimidation around the topic of money. We’re going to put those feelings and emotions aside.

There’s hope and inspiration to be had on the topic of money.

3 Money Habits To Help Unity In Our Community

1. Quit the comparisons: We live in a time and culture where we compare ourselves to others. We’re comparing ourselves to the Jones’.

We don’t see the “secret” lives of those we envy. We don’t see the second mortgage that was taken out or the screaming kids at the restaurant.

What we do see are the happy moments. Not the sloppy, messy parts of life and we compare ourselves to their highlights.

So we have to be careful.

One word that has helped Rachel Cruze quit the comparison game: GRATITUDE.

 2. Being generous: When we’re out of debt, there’s margin to be generous. We can give freely without feeling money stress.

There’s an interesting theme throughout the Bible. Every time debt is mentioned in the Bible, debt is mentioned in a negative context.

The Bible goes so far as telling us that the borrower is slave to the lender. You don’t have the freedom to decide what to do with your money. That includes the ability to be generous.

3. Communication: Talking about money is hard. Money talks can be hard and awkward.

No one likes talking about money. But we need to.

Communicating with those we’re doing life with is critical to bringing unity. Don’t hide money issues.

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