Uncommon Fellowship – Catalyst East 2016 Andy Stanley

Today, I’m live blogging from the Catalyst Atlanta Conference. Catalyst is a gathering of leaders to hear from some of the best and brightest in leadership.

Catalyst’s theme for 2016 is Uncommon Fellowship.

If the live updates on my site aren’t enough, you can also watch Catalyst Live here.

The first presenter at Catalyst is Andy Stanley. Andy is the lead pastor of North Point Church.

Andy Stanley speaks on Uncommon Fellowship at Catalyst Atlanta

Image courtesy of Catalyst

What is the definition of uncommon fellowship? Head-turning, jaw-dropping, never-would’ve-imagined association.

And if we can get this idea, nothing will ever be the same.

There was once upon a time, that uncommon fellowship happened in our faith. Merchants, slaves and owners, prostitutes, tax gatherers, Jews, Roman Centurions…

Was there ever a more diverse group?

This was the beginning of Christianity.

Jesus predicted uncommon fellowship. A bunch of uncommon people would come together for a common purpose (Matthew 16:18).

Jesus prayed for uncommon fellowship (John 17:20-21)

Jesus gave us a new command for uncommon fellowship (John 13:34-35)

How To Have Uncommon Fellowship

Forgive one another

Encourage one another

Restore one another

Accept one another

Care for one another

Submit to one another

Carry one another’s burdens

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