6 Friends I Can’t Wait To Meet

The blogging world has opened doors I never thought I’d see opened. It’s also allowed me to enter into the lives of some really awesome bloggers.

So much so, many of these bloggers I know consider friends, some closer than friends I have in real life.

One day I’ll have the chance to meet these friends. Whether it’s at a blogging conference or while on vacation. I will run into them one day.

Without further ado, here’s my list of 6 friends I can’t wait to meet.

1. Kevin Miller – I’ve followed Kevin for quite some time through his Free Agent Underground podcast and blog. We’ve connected multiple times over Facebook, Twitter, and email and he’s been an awesome source of encouragement.

The Fall-Back Plan Makes Failure Inevitable

There is a question that may be familiar to you if you’re in the habit of living and working outside the norm. Maybe you are starting a business, trying to become a full-time writer/musician/artist; or attempting to launch something unique that has never been done before. If so then you have probably heard the words:

“So when this doesn’t work out, what’s your fall back plan (or Plan B)?”

So, what's plan B buddy?

Image by JD Hancock

Bump. There it is, right between the eyes; the question that brings you right back down to earth, the wind pulled from your sails.

I’ve had a lot of conversations with people about having a ‘plan B’ and I’ve noticed an interesting trend: There is something that sets apart those people who seem to succeed and those who give up right before they reach where they are trying to get.

The Battle To Maintain Our Integrity

You’ve probably felt the battle raging within you. To hold onto your beliefs. To boldly proclaim and do what you feel is right.

The world is crying out around you to do that what they believe to be true. All the while trying to pull you to their side and strip away your integrity.

There’s a battle happening. The battle to maintain our integrity while living in a world that beckons us with the desires of others.

Months ago I wrote a blog post with quotes from Nelson Mandela. I also shared leadership quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

While these posts received quite a bit of positive attention, there were also questions regarding the posts. Partially relating to maintaining your integrity while being told to tweet something one of these great men had said.

4 Insights From My 2014 Reader Survey

In February, I launched my first reader survey. I did this because I wanted to get to know you, the reader, better. I wanted to know who you were, what you desired, and how I could help you achieve success.

Thankfully, you guys responded well and many of you answered the questions that I needed answered. So, let’s start off with a healthy THANK YOU! You guys rock and I couldn’t do this without you.

Check off the survey!

Image by AJ Cann

The response was greater than I’d hoped for. Over 25% of my readers responded to the survey. That’s great. It’s really helping me narrow down my focus and what I need to write to benefit you.

Analyzing the results of the survey, my typical reader would look like:

My typical reader is a male (70%)

He is aged 26-40 (74%)