3 Ways To Create Relationships As A Leader

Relationships are an essential part of leadership. They connect you to other leaders, expand your influence, and allow you access to mentors.

You can’t go wrong in forging relationships.

Image via Mark Sebastion

Image via Mark Sebastion

And yet many leaders struggle with relationships. Either they don’t want them or they don’t know how to create relationships.

Let’s try to solve this issue today.

I’ve discovered three techniques that will make it a breeze to build relationships with other leaders and members of your tribe. Let’s get started!

1. Make yourself available: A big hindrance to building quality relationships is many leaders refuse to make themselves available to others. These leaders want to be an island unto themselves. Forging ahead and being the lone ranger.

However, this creates a problem. You’re not reaching out to others and offering your talents. You’re keeping it all to yourself.

Instead, make yourself available. Go to conferences, create a blog, contact local leadership organizations. Find a way to get outside of your world and enter the worlds of other people. Create contacts you can call on and can call on you. Before you know it, you’ll have built a network.

2. Stop talking, start listening: The major mistake a lot of people make in building relationships is they want to do all of the talking. The problem? It leaves the other person feeling left out.

Instead of talking and dominating the conversation, allow the other party to enter into the conversation. Ask questions that will encourage them to share their story.

Let them feel they’ve had a say.

3. Be generous: How many times have you met someone who wanted something from you but had nothing to give? When I’ve experienced this, I’ve walked away feeling dirty and used.

If you’re someone who’s always taking, stop it. Instead learn to be more generous.

Create something of value that you can give others. Maybe you offer a free coaching session. An offer of a free lunch. Write a blog with killer content. Or a free  eBook (Did you know I’ll be releasing one shortly?).

We’ve all got something of value that we can give. Be generous with what you have. When you do, others will be generous with you.

Question: In what ways are you creating relationships? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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