How To Build A Great Team

Our society often promotes the idea of The Lone Ranger as the ideal.

Being self-sufficient is key, we hear. But it’s a lie.

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The ideal should be to work in a great team. And that requires teamwork.

What Is Teamwork?

Teamwork is the combined effort of a group of people working together towards a common goal.

When we begin to combine our efforts and work with others, our output is multiplied. Creative ideas that were blocked by a lack of vision are released when shared with others.

Before you know it the team is knocking out new ideas and increasing productivity.

“Great teams never depend on individual creativity and thinking.”
— Andy Stanley

How To Build A Great Team

To build a great team, you’ve got to find people who are willing to work together. Those that know that a great team requires more than just an individual.

The team requires, and demands, unselfishness. It requires people who aren’t in it for themselves but in it for the larger goal of the organization.

A great team requires at least four things:

  • Trust: It’s hard to work together if there’s a lack of trust. When you’re putting together a team, recruit members who are honest and hard-working.
  • Creativity: The team is together for a reason, most likely to solve some sort of problem. Bring in creative people who are able to shine new light on the issue. You’ll gain insight into the issue that has been passed over before.
  • Communication: Your team must be willing to communicate with each other. Each member needs to keep the team informed of the progress and direction of the project. Without key information, other members of the team can begin to feel left out and unimportant.
  • Unselfishness: Look for people who are willing to give up their wants for the greater good. They’ll be willing to compromise when needed. They’re also more likely to be able to see the reason they can’t always have their way.

It is amazing how much people get done if they do not worry about who gets the credit.
— Swahili proverb

One Last Ingredient

There’s one last ingredient to a great team. And that’s a great leader.

Teams need to have a centralized figure they can look to for answers and directions. That’s where you come in.

You’ll be the one leading your team onto victory.

Prepare yourself to step into this role.

Give them the leadership and guidance they need. Lead the way.

Question: What do you think is the key to building a great team? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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