Do You StandOut?

Marcus Buckingham recently released his newest strengths assessment. This new assessment is called StandOut and helps you focus on your strengths roles.

In his previous strength assessment tools, StrengthsFinder and StrengthsFinder 2.0 (based on the original StrengthsFinder test), you were given a broad picture of your strengths. It helped to define your style by giving you your top five strengths. However, the results were very broad and could be overwhelming.

The StandOut assessment defines 9 Strength Roles and reveals your top 2 Strength Roles. The results are narrowed and gives you a more accurate and focused assessment of your strengths. With these results, you can pinpoint and take action on your strongest areas of strength.

I was able to get a copy of the book and an access code to the strengths assessment from Michael Hyatt.

Having never taken an assessment like StrengthsFinders, I was excited to complete it and see my results. The assessment was pleasant to take.

The questions appeared in text and were read by Marcus. Once he finished reading the question, a list of 4 answers appeared. At this point, I had 35 seconds to choose the answer I felt best described what I would do. During the questions I never felt rushed and had ample time to answer.

After you complete the questionnaire, StandOut gives you your 2 top Strengths Roles. StandOut gives you a report full of information.

  1. Top Strength. StandOut defines your strength, when you are most powerful, how to describe yourself, how to make an immediate impact, how to take your performance to the next level, and what to watch out for.
  2. Second Strength. This section contains the same information as the first but for your second strength.
  3. Combine Your Top 2 Roles. I found this to be the most fascinating section. You are given information on how your 2 top strengths give you Your Advantage and Your Ideal Career Choices.
  4. Your Complete Role Ranking. You are able to view your strengths from Strongest to Weakest. This section surprised me. I expected my other areas of strength to be in a different order.

Overall, I feel this assessment provided an accurate depiction of my strengths. I let my wife view my results and she agreed with them.

I am sure you have been wondering what my 2 top strengths are. And I would like to share them with you.

Here are my 2 Top Strengths:

Pioneer – I am optimistic when it comes to uncertainty and feel that good things are around the corner.

Stimulator – I engage people’s emotions and help turn them around.


As a special treat for my readers, I will be giving away two unique access codes to get your own StandOut assessment for two readers. The winners will be picked by a random drawing on January 24th, 2012.

To be eligible, you must answer the question below and Tweet about this post using the hashtag #jmlalonde or share this post on your Facebook.


Question: How would knowing your top 2 strengths benefit you? Please share your answer in the comment section below.

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  • My boss did a similar thing for us at work…it was pretty cool of how accurate it was…

  • Don’t have FB so I’ll tweet it!

    Knowing my strengths will help me to cultivate them to the benefit of those around me, it will also help me to identify areas of weakness so that I can work on them as well.

    Thanks for the opportunity to get an access code, sounds awesome!

    • You’re welcome TC! You won’t be disappointed with the assessment if you win it.

  • It would show me how I could best help myself and others. Also to use those strengths in certain tasks.

    • You’re looking at it in the right way Kimanzi! Good luck on winning.

  • Anonymous

    It is so important for people to find, develop, and use areas of strengths. Doing this allows greater chance to see success.

    I have read his other books and still need to read his newest one. Thanks for sharing.

    • I agree Dan. Looking at and focusing on your strengths greatly increases your chance of success.

  • Well, I think I have a clue of what some of my strengths are, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out if I had some I was unaware of.

    Knowing your strengths is important. You want to be able to capitalize on those strengths. This will help you and benefit others around you.

    I think that it is really cool that you are doing this giveaway! I don’t have twitter or FB, so I will share this contest/post through a blog scheduled for tomorrow!

    • Good luck Brandon! Thank you for sharing it on your blog today. That got you an entry.

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