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In my last post, I talked about imagining more. Today, I would like to tell you how that can lead to more than you can imagine.

Let me tell you about a man named Elijah.

Elijah grew up in Uganda. His family was poor and could not provide a lot for him.

Elijah had no shoes until he was fifteen years old. The first time he ate a meal and actually felt full, he was 20.

Can you imagine that?

While he was still young, he married his wife.

Through a freak incident, Elijah inherited a piece of land. In Uganda, this meant promises for a better future and great opportunity. Elijah began to dream.

With $10, he and his wife decided they were going to move to the land they had inherited. At this time Elijah and his wife had four children.

Can you imagine that?

About this time, Elijah began to notice what things were actually like around his family. There was an epidemic of orphans that needed families. Uganda had over 1 million orphans.

With what little they had, Elijah felt they had been entrusted with a lot and needed to do something with the land. He decided that his family would take in orphans and care for them.

They started to build mud huts and offer their care. Within two weeks they had 188 kids living on their land.

Can you imagine that?

Elijah had dreamed big dreams at the beginning. What he got was more than he could imagine.

“All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose.”
–Brian Tracy

Take a moment and look at your dreams. Do you think your dreams are big and lofty? Whether you answer yes or no, your dreams can take you further than you can imagine.

Once you start moving towards a dream you have, the dream can grow bigger. Each step you take towards it can open up a new path to a larger ending.

What are your dreams as a leader?

Let me share a few of my dreams:

  • To have a thriving ministry where I am able to minister to people and help them improve their leadership skills
  • To be able to mentor 3-4 young men on a weekly or bi-weekly basis
  • To have my home foster a feeling of belonging to all those who enter the door

These seem like pretty lofty goals to me. It will take a lot of time and dedication to reach these dreams. However, I can also see that they could morph into a situation that is more than I could imagine.

Instead of reaching just a few people, I may one day reach thousands or hundreds of thousands. Maybe more. It would be more than I could imagine.

Instead of mentoring to 3 or 4 young men, it could turn into a situation where I am a mentor to hundreds of young men or more. It would be more than I could imagine.

Instead of my house giving others a feeling of belonging, it may actually belong to many people that have entered my home. It would be more than I could imagine.

You never know where your dreams can take you. It will be a wild and crazy ride. However, I can guarantee you that it will be more than you could ever imagine.

Question: Share the wildest, most crazy dream you have as a leader. Can you imagine it being more than that? Please share your answer in the comment section below.



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