I’ve missed many opportunities in life because I was afraid to speak up.

An uneasy fear rises up when I feel the desire to offer up an idea or oppose a plan. It’s frustrating.

It’s also been holding me back.

Recently, I had the idea to create a video library showcasing what our MRP software could do.

The videos would include demos of placing an order, creating a job, and shipping a product, among other things. I thought it was brilliant.

But not enough to speak up. That was a mistake.

A few months after having the idea to create demonstration videos, another person in our company spoke up. He recommended we create videos detailing our workflow process.

This was right in line with my idea.

Only I never presented it.


I felt my idea didn’t hold merit

We’re now another month closer to 2016. Can you believe it?

This year has flown by. It’s easy to get sidetracked and miss your goals for the year.

Have you been staying on track? Have you been checking? If not, today’s the day to review your progress.

most used words in blogging

It’s also the day I do my monthly blog review.

This is where I look over the top blog posts of the month, share who commented the most, and share statistical information about the blog.

It’s good stuff. I hope you’re ready.

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With the decision to step down from our leadership position in our youth group and to begin looking for a new church, I’ve started to reflect on my time as a youth leader.

I miss youth group

Being a youth leader was a lot of fun. It’s where my wife and I have felt called for all of our marriage and then some. We love the students we’ve had the opportunity to minister to.

We’ve learned so much from leading these precious kids. We’ve also learned so much FROM those same kids.

1. Be authentic: There’s nothing I’ve learned more from leading students than the need to be authentic.

What we preached to our kids, we had to make sure we were living out in our lives. Why? Because if we weren’t being true to the message we gave, the students would call us on it.

Having spent a lot of time working in the church, I’ve become intimately familiar with the story of the hard driving master and the talents he gave to his servants.

The parable of the talents comes from Matthew 25:14-30. The story goes:

Have you looked around lately? If you have, you might have been surprised to see a shocking lack of good leaders.

We see leaders failing all around us.

Leaders are failing in their marriages

Leaders are failing in their willingness to speak up for what is right

Leaders are failing in taking care of those they lead

Leaders are failing in their push for more

According to the Barna Research Group, 82% of Christians believe the nation is facing a crisis of leadership because there are not enough good leaders.

Now, that’s scary!

Whatever the reason, we see leaders failing to do what is right. We see leaders failing to move forward. We see leaders failing to equip others.

It’s a sad reality and leaves us wondering:

Where did all the good leaders go?