We All Need Reminders

Just before I began writing this article, I received an email from a blog subscriber we’ll call Jack. He was sending me a thank you.

Jack was reading an old article of mine in his inbox. The article spoke to him about his attitude that was souring.

Reading the article reminded him to keep his attitude in check. Without a positive attitude, we can become cranky, upset, and downright ugly.

Do you know what? Jack’s thankfulness helped remind me to check my attitude.

I was feeling a bit down.

I’d let this feeling steer me in the wrong direction in how I interacted with people. I’d also let it make me feel taken advantage of.

We All Need Reminders

We all need reminders. Sometimes the reminder is to check our attitudes, like the message I received today. Other times, the reminder is to get work done. Still, other reminders might be to go out and exercise, spend a date night with your wife, or whatever else you need help remembering.

Did you know we can create reminders in our lives that will help us get out of the funks we’re in, do the work that needs to be done, and keep working hard?

Today, we’ll look at four things that can help remind us to do the good work.

1. Use your phone calendar:

One of the best things to come from smartphones is the ability to carry a digital calendar with you all the time. I use my Samsung Galaxy S20 (sorry, Apple fans!) to keep track of what needs to be done in my life.

I take a few minutes to input the calendar reminder and then I forget about it until my phone buzzes. There are notifications set for one hour, one day, and one week before the event. These reminders help me keep the event in focus.

Your phone calendar can be used for more than events. Use your phone calendar to remind you weekly of a particular Bible verse, quote, or saying. These can be set to appear regularly. The reminders here will keep your mind and attitude in check.

2. Post reminders around your office:

Our offices can be a great place to remind us of the people and things that have had a significant impact on our lives. Zig Ziglar was known to have a wall of gratitude in his office. The wall included pictures of the heroes who impacted Zig Ziglar and his journey to success.

Use your office walls to remind you of those who have had a long-lasting impact on your life. You could also use your walls to remind you of those inspiring quotes and sayings.

Keep these people and ideas front and center. Cover your walls in their words and faces!

3. Keep a physical calendar:

I struggle to do this, but my wife loves her physical calendar. She immediately writes down essential dates and events in the calendar.

You can as well.

If you love the idea of a physical calendar or planner, get one that suits you. Use it to remind yourself of important dates. You can even write down inspiration and reminders outside of events.

My tip here is to write inspiring words next to upcoming events. This way you get reminded of two things!

4. Set aside time to reflect on the past:

The last tip will need to go into your calendar but is just as important.

You need time to reflect and remember the past. The past holds the key to remembering.

Reflect back on the happy moments. Remind yourself of the good that you’ve accomplished and experienced.

These times of reflection will rejuvenate and encourage you.

What reminders do you need to create for yourself today?

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