Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Puss In Boots: The Last Wish

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Puss In Boots: The Last Wish is the third entry in the Puss In Boots movie series that spawned from the Shrek movies. In The Last Wish, Puss In Boots (Antonio Banderas) is on his last life. He’d lost 8 others, and now Death (Wagner Moura) was coming for him.

Will Puss In Boots survive? Will the Death wolf capture and kill our beloved furry hero?

Puss In Boots: The Last Wish tells us the results. And opens us to a new world of adventure as the film closes.

Puss In Boots flying ahead with his sword in his hand from Puss In Boots: The Last Wish

This film is a visual masterpiece. It changes styles throughout, but it is nevertheless visually striking.

The story is entertaining. It brings in other fairytale characters such as Mama Bear (Olivia Colman), Papa Bear (Ray Winstone), Baby Bear (Samson Kayo), Goldilocks (Florence Pugh), Pinocchio (Cody Cameron), and Jack Horner (John Mulaney).

Watch Puss In Boots: The Last Wish, and then come read this article. You’ll be inspired to lead well after watching the film and then applying these leadership lessons.

Quotes And Leadership Lessons From Puss In Boots: The Last Wish

1. Find what energizes you:

Puss In Boots had thrown a party inside the Governor’s (Bernardo De Paula) home. He didn’t have permission.

When the Governor returned home to find his house filled with revelers and Puss In Boots, he blew his lid. He ordered his guards to bring him the head of Puss In Boots.

The room goes silent. Puss In Boots wouldn’t stand for this.

He demands the band strike up the music. Play it loud and fast.

The loud and inspiring music energized him.

What energizes you? What are you doing to bring this excitement to you while you work?

Use what energizes you to inspire you to do your best work.

You may discover it is music. Or maybe it’s beautiful artwork hanging on your walls. Still, it could be a view of the lush, green grass outside.

Find it. Bring it to you. And use it to energize you.

2. Know when to leave:

A giant attacked Puss In Boots. The Giant is defeated.

Puss In Boots goes to leave the scene but is called back in by the people. He wants to please them and take pride in his work.

As he does, the bell on the Giant falls. The bell lands on Puss In Boots, killing him.

He would have been safe if he had left after he defeated the Giant. Because of his pride and hubris, he lost his eighth life.

Do you know when to make your exit? Are you staying too long in your position?

It’s okay to leave and not look back. You do your work, you get results, and you leave when it is time.

Don’t stick around too long. You may find yourself dying a slow death.

3. Leaders can fall quickly:

When Puss In Boots learned he was on his ninth life, he didn’t want to believe it. He had been on top of the world. He had adoring fans, and he was swashbuckling through life.

It was great.

But Puss In Boots fell quickly. He learned that he only had one life to live. On top of that, Death (a wolf) was coming for him.

This scared Puss In Boots. He decided to go live with Mama Luna (Da’Vine Joy Randolph). There, he would be safe.

He’d also be nothing special. He’d be one more cat in Mama Luna’s cat collection.

Seeing what Puss In Boots became was sad. He fell and fell quickly.

Be on guard. You can fall just as quickly as Puss In Boots did.

By making mistake after mistake, your position may be removed. You may find yourself looking for a new employer. You may even find yourself looking for a new family.

Be cautious. Don’t be reckless.

The more reckless you are, the quicker you’ll fall.

4. Perrito (Harvey Guillén):

What’s your story?

Perrito was a small dog that disguised himself as a cat. He wanted to reap the benefits and love of Mama Luna.

Puss In Boots and Perrito began to talk. Perrito asked Puss In Boots what his story was because he felt they were becoming friends.

Have you ever asked your team members what their stories are? The stories they have to tell are important.

You will discover who they are, their origin, and their motivations.

Stories are powerful. Be willing to listen to the stories of those you lead. Be willing to let them tell their stories.

5. Everyone’s journey looks different:

Puss In Boots learned that there was a map to a wishing star. This star could be the ticket to giving him another nine lives. That would be divine!

Yet, his journey wasn’t his own. He also had Perrito along for the journey. And there was also his ex-fiance, Kitty Softpaws (Salma Hayek).

After finding the map, they arrived at the Dark Forrest.

Opening the map, Puss In Boots touches it. His journey to the star looks crazy difficult. They decide to let Kitty touch the map. Her journey is even more difficult. Finally, Perrito touches the map.

His journey is almost a straight line to the wishing star.

Do you feel like others have an easier journey of leadership than you do? They might. But you also have an easier journey than others.

Every person will experience a different journey as they go through life. Don’t discount yours. Don’t get upset if yours isn’t what you expected.

Your journey is your own. It’s unique and valuable to you.

6. Puss In Boots:

Perrito, I thought your path was supposed to be easy…

As Perrito, Kitty, and Puss In Boots make their way along Perrito’s map, they come upon rows of roses. The roses attack Puss In Boots and Kitty.

Puss In Boots wonders why the journey became hard. The truth was, it wasn’t hard for Perrito. He didn’t encounter the roses in the same way as Kitty and Puss In Boots.

He took the time to smell the roses. He didn’t attack them. And the roses didn’t strike back. They backed away from Perrito and allowed him to pass.

We look at other people’s paths. We think their way is easier than others.

Maybe it is. But it’s not because their path is easy. Instead, their approach to their journey is different.

Perrito took the time to smell the roses. Puss In Boots attacked the roses. Their actions toward what was in front of them caused the difference in ease.

The same applies to us. Our paths become easier or more difficult based on the way we react.

7. Perrito:

It’s okay to be scared.

The wolf of Death appeared. Puss In Boots freaked out. He ran away when he saw the wolf.

Why? Puss In Boots was terrified. He didn’t want to be killed by the wolf. This sent Puss In Boots into a heart-pounding stupor as he leaned against a tree.

Perrito asked what was wrong. Puss In Boots admitted he was afraid of dying.

Perrito tried his best to calm Puss In Boots. He reassured him that it was okay to be scared.

Here are my words of wisdom to you. It’s okay to be scared.

Don’t let your fear stop you from moving forward with your mission. Don’t be so scared that you never do anything significant.

Your fear can either stop you or propel you forward. Let it propel you!

8. It’s hard to care for self-absorbed people:

Kitty Softpaw and Puss In Boots were supposed to be married. Puss In Boots didn’t show up for the wedding. He thought this had hurt Kitty.

The truth finally came out.

Kitty didn’t show up for the wedding either. She knew she couldn’t compete with Puss In Boots’ true love: himself.

Are you a self-absorbed leader? Do you love yourself more than those you lead or are in a relationship with?

Be careful. You’re going to lose those who are important to you.

They will realize they can’t compete with your self-love.

9. Leaders can change:

The wolf of Death came for Puss In Boots because of his arrogance. Puss In Boots believed he was better than others, deserved more than others, and would get more than others.

Death couldn’t let this stand.

Yet, something changed throughout Puss In Boots’ journey in The Last Wish. He had realized he wasn’t the most important thing in the world. Others had value as well.

This shows us that people can change. Leaders can change.

Be willing to change as you grow and learn new things. You will become better for this.

10. Realize what you already have:

Goldilocks wanted the wishing star because she wanted a real family. She wanted her human family because that was what was true.

By the movie’s end, Goldilocks realized she had a real family with the three bears. They loved her regardless of her being different than them.

It was a touching moment.

What do you desire that you already have? Look at your life. You’re going to see you have more than you think.

Be happy with what you have. Sometimes, it’s the best that there is.

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