Don’t Let Procrastination Stop You

There’s something I have to get off my chest. I have a confession to make.

The last couple of days I’ve let procrastination stop me.

I’d sit down to write only to clear the page.

I’d start over again only to walk away from the computer screen.

I’d begin to read another section of a good book only to close the book and sit it aside.

Why was I doing this?

At first I thought it was writer’s block. Ideas were few and far between. The words didn’t seem to flow.

My next thoughts were that I wasn’t feeling well. That’s the reason I didn’t want to write or read or do much of anything else.

But that answer didn’t feel right. I knew it wasn’t the truth.

The truth? I was procrastinating.

Why Procrastinate?

Procrastination is something we all face. We know her face well.

She tells us that it’s okay to skip writing today. She tells us we don’t need to learn anything new. She tells us we deserve a break.

Who doesn’t like to hear these lines? I know I love being told I don’t have to do something.

And that’s why it’s so easy to let procrastination stop us. We like what we’re being told.

Don’t Let Procrastination Stop You

You might be being wooed by procrastination’s alluring words. You hear her call and you don’t want to resist her beckoning call.

But you must! You must resist the call to procrastinate!

Look at the lies that procrastination tells you. You’ll soon see they’re not the truth. In the end, you’ll regret giving in.

Procrastination is the killer of dreams. Procrastination is the killer of progress. Procrastination is the killer of life.

Whenever you feel her calling to you, fight back.

Remember the reasons behind what you’re doing. Remember you have a purpose. Remember procrastination is trying to kill it.

Question: What are you procrastinating on today? What do you need to do to get over the procrastination? Let’s help each other out in the comments section below.

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