5 Questions To Ask Every New Team Member

Onboarding a new team member can be a difficult task. You have to train them, integrate them into the team, and get to know them.

Each of these things can be hard in and of themselves. Combine them, and the task is overwhelming.

That’s why you need to have an arsenal of questions ready to ask new employees.


These questions aren’t meant to be an interrogation. Rather, the questions leaders need to ask of new employees are to get to know them and where they’re going to fit into the organization.

5 Questions To Ask Every New Team Member

1. How do you like to work?

Asking how do you like to work lets you know how the employee does their best work. Do they do better working in an open office environment or are they an introverted employee and like to work alone?

Knowing how your new team member likes to work can help you help them kickstart their work in a productive way.

Do what you can to accommodate their work style. Doing so will get you their best work.

2. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

This question, the where do you want to be question, is usually asked during the interview phase of hiring a new employee. You, as one of the leaders within the organization, may not have sat in during the hiring process.

If you weren’t part of the hiring process yet you’re going to be leading this new team member, be sure to ask them where they see themselves in 5 years.

Use this to help you guide them in the direction they’re desiring. Helping others achieve their goals go a long ways in creating the loyalty you want in team members.

Heck, you might even see a way to keep them within the organization when they’re thinking of leaving. Knowing what your team members want can help you retain employees.

3. Is there anything unclear about your role or position?

As an employee, there’s nothing worse than being unsure about what you were hired to do. Sure, there might have been some discussion but that can change by the time they’re brought aboard.

Ask them what they believe the expectations are for their position. Clarify anything that needs clarifying and let them know what you need done.

Making their role crystal clear will give them something to focus on.

4. How can I help you?

You’re the leader of this new employee. Do you know what they need help with?

Probably not. More than likely, you’ve been out of their role for a considerable time. Things have changed.

Don’t be afraid to ask them how you can help them successfully transition into their new position. Let them know you are there to help them succeed.

5. What tools do you need to succeed?

Much like question 4, what tools do you need to succeed is a question that will help you understand how you can set new employees up for success.

Does the new employee need specific computer hardware to run programs such as SolidWorks or AutoCAD? Does their position require a cell phone so they can be contacted on the floor, away from the office, or after work hours?

Your new team member might even have a couple of odd requests. They might have been provided with different tools than your organization currently uses.

Asking this question might alert you to new technology that you can introduce to the rest of the team.

When you ask questions of your new hires, it shows that you care. You’re looking out for their well-being and how you can serve them.

Stop being scared of asking them what they need, how you can serve them, and whether or not their role is crystal clear.

By being a pro-active leader in making the ask, you’re showing them you’re someone they want to work for.

Question: What questions do you ask of new hires? Share your questions in the comment section below.
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