We Are Not Defined By Our Brokenness – Catalyst Atlanta 2016 Mike Foster

Today, I’m live blogging from the Catalyst Atlanta Conference. Catalyst is a gathering of leaders to hear from some of the best and brightest in leadership.

Catalyst’s theme for 2016 is Uncommon Fellowship.

If the live updates on my site aren’t enough, you can also watch Catalyst Live here.

The second speaker at Catalyst Atlanta is Mike Foster, author of People Of The Second Chance.

Mike Foster at Catalyst Atlanta

Image courtesy of Catalyst

People have not-so-perfect stories and Mike Foster has helped them walk through those times. He’s been reminding them that they’re loved and loved by us.

There’s something sacred about sitting with someone and sharing our mess-ups, our mistakes, our trials. They’re the situations in life that we hide and try to cover up. They’re also what creates something special within our community.

These are the moments that we need second chances. And by sharing them, they allow others to see that their screw-ups and mess-ups aren’t the end of the line. We can move forward.

Romans 8:25 says “I’ll call nobodies and make them somebodies. I’ll call the unloved and make them beloved.” This is what God will do for us. And for those that we serve.

As leaders, we have a different vision. We need to look at people through a different lens.

We look at people strengths and gifts. What we shouldn’t look at is their past. What they’ve done before.

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