Leaders Notice The Unnoticed

“Don’t play favorites; treat the little and the big alike; listen carefully to each.  Don’t be impressed by big names.” Deuteronomy 1:17 (The Message Translation)

Image by Derek A

Image by Derek A

At a state Society of Human Resource Management conference I was struck by the question a presenter asked, “Are you a respecter of people?”  She used the question to discuss how her company views employee engagement.  And then stated,  “Are you a respecter of ALL people?”

I’ve been mulling over this concept of “respecter ALL of people or persons” for a couple of weeks now, but it hit home this week at a conference with my husband.  I started trying to observe whether ALL people at the hotel and convention center were respected and noticed by others.

The maid that didn’t speak English wasn’t as I walked down the hall and three others walked by her without saying “Hello” or “Thank you for cleaning my room.”

The maintenance guy in the elevator stood in a corner and no one said “Hi” or “How is your day?”

The carver at the carving station at dinner had four people stick their plate out in front of him without even a saying a simple “Hello” or even offering an upward glance his way.  They never even saw him.


The CEO of the company that was putting on the conference had a line of people waiting to speak to him.

In general, I think being a respecter of all persons is critical for leaders, and it gets to heart of who gets noticed and who doesn’t.

Leaders Notice by:

  • Acknowledging the presence of ALL people either in word or action.  They smile or say hello or wave to all those they come in contact with.
  • Realizing the contribution that others make to their existence and this world and they say thank you.
  • Not playing favorites.
  • Not seeking first to look for the most “important” person in room.
  • Seeking to know and understand all people in all walks of life by asking questions and listening.

They notice because they respect ALL people and realize their worth.

Question: What can you do to notice the unnoticed all around you? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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