Pull Up A Chair

From time to time we lose that personal connection with our team members. The days get busy. Our schedules don’t allow us to meet regularly. We forget to pull up the chair.

As this happens, our team’s attunement is lost.

What’s Attunement?

Attunement is making your team aware and/or responsive. This means getting your team members on the same page and ready to work together.

When a team is attuned, great things begin to happen. Goals are reached. Relationships are improved. Business starts to grow.

Sounds great, huh?

How To Gain Attunement

Gaining attunement in your organization should be a key goal. With it, people are energized and know what’s going on.

However, gaining attunement is the tricky part. It requires hard work on your part. Then again, what good thing doesn’t require hard work?

The key to gaining attunement is to pull up a chair. This sounds simple but it’s not.

You’ve got to put time and effort into sitting down with team members. You’ve got to clear your schedule and make it a priority.

When you’ve pulled up a chair with a team member, you’ve got to give him the goods. Share with them what’s happening in the organization. Reinforce the vision of the company. Invite him to be a part of the journey.

As you build relationships with each member of the team, something amazing happens.

Team members begin to feel a part of the team. They see the organization’s bigger picture. And they begin to chase after this vision.

This is what we’re striving for as leaders. To bring people into alignment with the goals and visions of the organization we’re working for.

Take time to work on building relationships and getting the team in tune with each other. Choose one or two employees that you could sit down with and discuss the vision with this week. And then next week pull up a chair with another couple employees. Continue this process until it becomes a habit.

Question: How does your current organization get it’s employees attuned with it’s vision? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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