The Responsibilities Of Leadership

We’ve all heard that leadership is influence. This quote from John Maxwell is great. There’s truth behind what’s being said. When we influence others, we are leading.

However, there’s also responsibility that comes along with leadership.

I believe we far too often overlook the responsibilities of leaders. Sure, we know what leaders are supposed to do.

Leaders are supposed to:

Guide your team

Influence others to action

Cast a vision

Share the message

Create teams

And more…

It’s great to know what we’re supposed to do as leaders. These actions give us a road map for leadership.

And yet leadership is so much deeper than tasks.

Leadership means taking on responsibility.

Responsibilities Of Leadership

As leaders we’ve got responsibilities to those we lead. We’re going to be held accountable for the actions we take and where we lead our followers.

It can be a scary proposition, especially to new leaders.

These responsibilities include:

Showing your team the right path: Not only are we to cast a vision for our followers, we need to be leading them in the right direction. If we’re leading our followers in the wrong direction, even great leadership won’t make up for the misdirection you’ve taken them.

Know that it’s your responsibility to do the best job in leading them in the right direction. You might not always do the right thing, but doing your best to decipher the correct path will go a long ways in being a responsible leader.

Finding a replacement leader: Your leadership is not forever. Your life is only so long. This means your leadership is finite and one day you’ll need to be replaced.

It’s your responsibility to discover new leaders and train them in a way that they can succeed when you’re gone. Don’t wait until it’s time for you to leave to build new leadership. Prepare for it before your leadership transition.

Correcting mistakes: The team you’re leading is guaranteed to make mistakes. Especially if you’re doing anything worth doing. This means there will be messes to clean up.

Don’t hesitate to step up and help with the messes your direction helped create. Jump in and start the cleanup job. Your team will not only thank you, they’ll see great leadership in action.

Uplifting those you’re leading: Lastly, we’ll look at uplifting your teammates. Great leaders know that there will be days when their teams are struggling, dealing with life issues, or are sick.

During these times, it’s your responsibility to encourage and uplift your team members.

Don’t hesitate to ask how things are going or what you could do to help them out. Also be willing to provide opportunities for growth.

Great leaders know there’s more to leadership than influence. Great leadership also means taking on a responsibility to care for and raise up a great team.

Don’t overlook your responsibilities. They’re what will leave a lasting impression on your team.

Question: What other responsibilities do you believe a leader has? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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