How To Find A Guide

The quickest way to grow is through a mentor or a guide. These are people who will show you where they’ve been, the steps they’ve taken to get there, and what they’re doing now.

You’ll find a guide has typically been through the same situations you’re going through. Only they’ve made it through the challenges you’re struggling with.

Guides are people who will encourage you, cheer you on, and be there for you.

Go find a guide… But how do you find a guide for yourself or your business?

Good question. We’re going to answer it in this article!

How To Find A Guide

Finding a guide can be challenging. If you’ve never had to find one before or found a bad one, you may be wondering what to do.

The good news is that finding a guide is pretty simple. You only have to look and ask.

Ask a fellow leader:

After one of my half marathon runs, I was chatting with Chad Allen. I had mentioned my desire to get into public speaking. Chad immediately threw out an author and book title that I should read.

His recommendation was The Successful Speaker by Grant Baldwin. He mentioned the book was the best book on public speaking. Knowing Chad, I added the book to my Amazon cart as soon as I could.

I’ve read through the book and have to agree with Chad. Grant’s plan and the strategy he lays out are fantastic. It tells me exactly what to do to get paid speaking gigs.

What’s stopping you from asking another leader for advice? Probably only your fear of being viewed differently.

Don’t let fear hold you back. Ask the other leaders around you who they’re learning from and what books they’re reading. They will put you on the right path to finding a guide you can follow.

Look at industry conferences:

Industry conferences bring in some of the biggest names in your industry. They also bring in lesser-known experts.

These experts may share in seminars that are not on the main track. They may be tucked away in a side conference room.

Go to these! Learn from these speakers. Then reach out to them.

YES! You can reach out to public speakers and presenters.

Because they’re not as well-known as the keynote speakers, many of these presenters may be able to give you one-on-one time. They are excited to help up-and-coming leaders or leaders who are struggling.

Use industry conferences to help you find your next guide.

Join a local group:

One of the best investments I’ve made has been Toastmasters. I joined Toastmasters to help improve my public speaking, yet it has done so much more than that.

Toastmasters has allowed me to form connections and relationships with multiple aspiring speakers in the group. These are people who are like me, but they may also have more experience than I do.

I can call them, text them, or see them at the meeting. If needed, I can ask them a question and get an answer.

Local groups are where you can form great relationships that bridge the gap in your skills. Seek out groups you’re interested in, can contribute to, and invest in.

You’ll be surprised at the level and quality of people you find there.

Now It’s Your Turn

You’ve found a guide. Your guide has helped you achieve your next level of success. What’s next?

It’s your turn to be a guide.

Seek to find someone to invest your energy into. This could be a new leader in your organization, someone within your church, or a non-profit.

You’ve been invested in. Invest in someone else.

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