How To Become The Best Worst Boss Ever!

Have you watched the TV show The Office?

The show revolved around Michael Scott played by Steve Carell. He was the manager at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company.

If there were awards for the best worst boss, he would win it.

Steve Carell Coffe Mug

Image by Sean Buchan

Michael’s leadership skills left something to be desired.

Whether he was trying to make a joke or correct a team member, something always came out inappropriately.

Michael is a great character to study if you want to become the best worst boss ever.

  • Distract Others: Michael Scott was well known for distracting others.
    Distracting others can be an easy thing to do. I’m sure you won’t have to think hard at all.

    Create new office games. Have parties all the time. Interrupt your team while they are working.

    This will help you claim the title!

  • Procrastinate: Michael was also known as a procrastinator.
    You must do the same thing if you want to become the best worst boss ever.

    Make sure to put the important agenda items on the back burner. Do not make any item a priority.

    When it is time for a task to be completed, complete it with haste and no regard to the quality of the job.

  • Take All of the Credit Yourself: Michael took credit for the achievements of his team.
    Taking credit for your team’s work is the best way to become known as the best worst boss.

    You will leave your team feeling demoralized. Their drive to push the company forward will wane. They will feel you don’t value their abilities.

    With this skill, you will be a shoe-in!

In all honesty, you probably don’t want this title.

Take the time today and evaluate whether or not you contain any of these character traits.

If you notice them in your leadership, start to correct them.

Stop being a distraction to your team. Stop procrastinating and get the tasks done. Give credit to your team members.

Before you know it, you may become the best boss ever!

Question: What character trait would make you consider someone for the title Best Worst Boss Ever? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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