Top Posts and Commenters for March 2012

The book on March 2012 has closed.

March brought record breaking temperatures for those of us in Michigan. It also brought record breaking stats to

Lets take a look and see what March brought in terms of Top Posts, Top Commenters, and Site Statistics.

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The top ten posts were:

  1. What Can 20 Seconds of Insane Courage Do For You?
  2. 5 Simple Ways To Become More Likeable
  3. Have You Really Invested in Kony 2012?
  4. The 20 Mile March
  5. What is Your Leader Chasing After?
  6. Book Review: Tales of the Everyday Workingman
  7. 5 Leadership Lessons from Star Wars
  8. It’s Not Easy Being A Superhero
  9. 5 Ways To Savor Your Marriage Relationship
  10. Accidents Happen

Most of the posts were from March but a few were from past months. I believe this will not be the norm as the site gains more content. Older content will continue to be viewed and become more prominent in the top posts.

The top five commenters were:

  1. Kimanzi Constable
  2. Dan Black
  3. TC Avey
  4. Jon Stolpe
  5. Larry Carter

Thank you once again to all of my commenters. You guys are creating a dynamic and vibrant community! The wisdom and knowledge that can be gleaned from the comments is astounding. Keep it up guys!

The site statistics:

  • Visits registered a growth of 47.7%
  • Unique Visits grew 55.53%
  • Pageviews were up 30.58%
  • Unique Pageviews grew 37.58%
  • Average Time on Page was up 5.59%

I’m very pleased with the site statistics this month. The amount of growth experienced surprised me.

Traffic was steady for the most part. There were three days that seen tremendous traffic. Even without those anomalies, traffic was up considerably.

This is encouraging. It also reinforces the notion that consistency and content will bring in readers.

Question: If you blog, what was your top post for the month? Why do you think this post was the most popular? If you don’t, what was your favorite post? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


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