Have A GROW Plan

A leader is constantly looking for ways to grow. This could be through reading books, active engagement, listening to others, or other forms of learning.


Not many leaders have a GROW plan. A GROW plan helps leaders have a short acronym to remember their plans to grow.

Today, we’re going to look at what a leader can do to create a GROW plan and boost their leadership knowledge.

Have A GROW Plan

Each letter in the word GROW has a word behind it. This word will help you to push forward in your leadership learning. Let’s break down GROW into something we can understand.

G – Goals:

What do you want to learn as a leader? Are there areas that you struggle in? Do you find yourself wandering aimlessly through the book aisle at your local Barnes & Noble or bookstore?

This could be because you’re lacking clear goals in your GROW plan.

Set goals for what you want to learn. You may want to learn how to communicate better as a leader. Make this a goal (though you’ll want to make it more specific). Or you might desire to understand the financial side of your business better. Make it a goal.

Set the goal to grow!

R – Rewards:

Once you’ve set your goals, set out rewards for reaching milestones of those goals. Learning without rewards can be dull.

Do you remember growing up and Pizza Hut would offer a free pizza if you read so many books? I do. I also know local libraries offer summer reading programs that reward readers.

Why do they offer rewards for reading? Because rewards help people accomplish their goals.

What rewards do you need to set to reach your goals to grow? You might decide to buy yourself a delectable treat from your favorite chocolatier (My choice would be Mokaya in Grand Rapids, MI). Another reward might be a weekend getaway with your husband.

Find something that will motivate you to complete the goals you set.

Reward yourself when you accomplish a goal.

O – Opportunities:

To grow, you have to have opportunities. Look for them!

Opportunities give you a chance to test out what you’re working toward. You might look for opportunities to listen better if your aim is to become a better listener. A different opportunity could be the half marathon happening in six months because you want to become healthier.

While we can’t predict the future, there are certain things you can look for to help identify potential opportunities. When you grow, you will see that opportunities are constantly arising, but it can take time to determine which ones are worth pursuing.

The same goes for business opportunities. Just because an opportunity exists doesn’t mean it’s a good fit for you. Be sure to steer your decision-making by asking yourself if an opportunity aligns with your business goals.

There are opportunities all around you that will help you grow. Look for them. Then tackle the opportunities!

Opportunities give you the chance to see how much you’ve grown.

W – Work:

You won’t grow unless you work on your plan. That’s why the W in GROW stands for WORK.

You will have to work hard to accomplish your goals. GROWth won’t be a walk in the park. You’ll have to commit and stride towards the finish line.

Dig your heels in. Put one foot in front of the other. Do the hard work so you can grow your leadership.

To grow, you will have to do hard work.

Do The GROW Plan

The GROW plan will work if you work it. I want you to figure out what your GROW plan will look like.

Write out what you’re going to do. Then, if you’re committed, email me at [email protected] to let me know the plan. I’ll be cheering you on from my side of the screen!

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