Are You Willing To Give A Second Chance?

People screw up all the time. They’ll make a wrong choice. Do the wrong thing. Even slack off at work.

These poor decisions can infuriate leaders. To the point of wanting to give someone their pink slip.

But have you taken a step back to consider giving someone a second chance?

Father Gregory Brooks has. He’s the founder of Homeboy Industries.

Homeboy Industries has a mission to help felons recover and move onto meaningful employment. They also do gang-intervention programs that help people who have made bad choices move onto better lives.

Through Homeboy Industries, Father Brooks works with those who many others wouldn’t think about giving a second chance. They’ve done their crime, the felons should be on their own.

Instead, Brooks takes them in and gives them a second, and in some cases, more chances.

What Happens When You Give Someone A Second Chance?

Did you read the first line of this post and nod your head, agreeing that everyone screws up? I hope you did. I hope you also realized you’re a person and there will come a time when you screw up.

It may not be as bad as others but you will slip up and something will go wrong.

That’s why we must give second chances. We’re seconds away from needing one of our own.

But what happens when we give someone a second chance? Is it a wasted opportunity or will change happen?

The outcome is one we won’t know until we take the chance to give someone a second chance.

This chance outcome doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be willing to help someone out. To help restore them. To give them hope.

Something special happens when we offer second chances to others:

You give hope: Too many people have been tossed out after their first mistake. They’ve lost their job, their marriage, or a friendship.

Despair begins to set in and hope drifts away.

You, the bearer of the second chance, offers a glimmer of hope. The possibility they’re worth more than what others have said.

Extend a second chance to give hope.

You show compassion: You can’t make it through life without a miss-step or two. We all make bad decisions.

When someone screws up, we can offer compassion to the person by offering the second chance. We can also offer guidance and share our personal stories of previous failures.

Become empathetic and show them you know where they’ve been. You’ve been in a similar situation before.

You encourage yourself: Being unselfish and helping someone in need can bring encouragement to you. Just the act of helping others can produce happiness and joy.

There’s something special about helping others. Don’t neglect this when giving someone a second chance.

Question: How have you given someone a second chance? How did it change your life? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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