Everyone Won’t Be Cool With You

There’s an inner longing to be loved and adored. We all want people to like us. You even feel that way, right?

I’m pretty sure you desire to have people like you. I know I want people to like me.

But there’s a problem with wanting everyone to like you and be cool with you.

Even Mr. Freeze found out he could be uncool

Image by Gail Gray

So, what’s the problem? Why shouldn’t we want everyone to be cool with what we’re doing?

That problem is simple. People are going to disagree with you.

Your ideas may not align with the beliefs of others. Your methods may be different from what has been seen. Your personality may rock people the wrong way.

And that’s okay!

Really, it is okay that you won’t click with everyone. We weren’t meant to.

Dealing With Uncoolness

You already know you’re going to rub people the wrong way. I’ve done it and others have done it to me, including Derek Halpern over at Social Triggers.

Honestly, his personality during a webinar really bugged me. It turned me off to Derek and his webinar co-host.

My feelings were hurt. I even stewed over the event for awhile. Replaying what happened in my head.

Do you know what Derek did? Not a thing. He moved on and kept doing work that mattered to him.

Derek’s response after the webinar showed me how to deal with having people not like you. (We’re cool now, right Derek?)

Who Really Cares?

This should be your attitude when dealing with people who have found a reason to dislike you. Who cares? Really…

There’s the possibility of two people truly caring at this point. You and the person who dislikes you.

Maybe there’s a few others as well. That’s if you or the person who’s uncool with you spreads around the information. And that happens.

Yet when others are spreading around the hurt they hold against you, the message usually reflects badly on the person spreading the message.

So, throw your shoulders back, hold your head up high, and say Who cares?

What Really Matters

We’ll always have detractors in our mists. It’s part of leadership. Even the greatest leader of all, Jesus Christ, had those who were uncool with him.

What really matters is those you are cool with. Those you’re leading and those who are willing to follow you.

You’ve got to craft a message that resonates with this audience. They’re the ones who will back you when you’re down. Even when you’re being attacked by those who think your message is uncool.

Focus on your tribe. Let them know they’re special. Be present. And you’ll be cool with them.

Question: How do you react when someone is uncool with you? Please share your story in the comment section below.

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